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Security Bits – USB Restricted Mode, Apple’s Focus on Security in OS Announcements


  • Telegram have now been able to update their apps on Apple’s non-Russian app stores —…
  • The VPNFilter malware/botnet story continues to evolve as security researchers find more router makes and model are affected. Additions to the list include routers by Asus, D-Link, Huawei & ZTE —…,… &…
  • 🇺🇸 As anticipated, the vote to restore net neutrality that passed the Senate recently was not even taken up by the House of Representatives, so they didn’t even get a change to vote on it, and President Trump didn’t get a chance to veto it. Net Neutrality has officially ended in the US —… &…

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HashPhotos for iOS is Everything Apple Photos Should Be

Hashphotos on app storeI’ve got a lot of photos. And by a lot, I mean 72,928 of them in Apple Photos. While I’m quite fond of Apple Photos, I’m annoyed by a few things. It’s pretty slow on the Mac (I can’t imagine why) and the iOS app is pretty limited in what you can do with it. What if there was an app that worked within the Photos library but also gave iOS a seat at the big girl table in terms of editing and more? HashPhotos from… might be the solution to these problems.

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Breaking My Silence on the MacBook Pro Keyboard

2016 mbpI’ve been listening to people on podcasts complain about the butterfly keyboard on the MacBook for the last year and silently grumbling under my breath at them, but my silence ends now.

I’ve used Apple laptops since the first Titanium PowerBook came out in 2001, so I’ve got a fair bit of experience with Apple’s keyboards on laptops. Let me explain why the commentary on the butterfly keyboard bothers me so much.

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Wyze Cam is an Addiction – Now the Wyze Cam Pan

Back in January I told you about how Joe LaGreca convinced Steve and me to try out the $20 (+$5 shipping or $26 on Amazon) security camera from a company called Wyze Cam. After buying one Wyze Cam for our family room, we bought one for the living room to replace the Omna webcam that made me so angry. Then we bought a third that points out our front window to give us full visibility to our front yard, our driveway and our mailbox. It’s actually one of my favorite views.

Duey Wyze Cam Front YardThe Wyze Cam is an adorable little camera that reminded us of the three little robots in the movie Silent Running (1972 sci-fi movie starring Bruce Dern), so we named the three of them Huey, Duey and Louie. I’ve already told you all of the cool features of the Wyze Cam in my article in January, but since I wrote that up, they have come out with new cameras.

Just a bit ago they came out with the Wyze Cam 2, which adds motion tagging which is actually when Duey and Luey joined the team. Motion tagging shows you on screen what motion triggered it to record by putting a little green box around it. You can also set motion zones, so like with Duey who looks out the front window, we excluded the area where the tree leaves were always triggering an alert.

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Interesting, Exciting, Boring or Disappointing – WWDC Highlights

Bitmoji allisonI really had a blast watching the WWDC keynote this year. The NosillaCast Live chatroom ( on Discord) was positively hopping. We had people from across the globe, where some even got up in the middle of the night to watch to see what Apple would have to say. It was a real party.

After the announcements were over, I started thinking about each thing they announced, and whether I was excited, bored, or annoyed. I thought it might be fun to walk through not every bit of the announcements, but the things on which I had a strong opinion.

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What I Learned Doing Speed Tests of the Drobo 5N2 vs. 5N

Drobo logoThis article started out as a simple review of the Drobo 5N2 network attached storage (aka NAS). But as you might have noticed by now, these things take on a life of their own. I’m going to start with a bit of a walk down memory lane to explain how I got into using Drobos in the first place.

I’ll explain how I ended up with their newest 5-bay NAS and explain that my quest was to prove that the device is twice as fast as the previous model, the Drobo 5N. But the quest becomes the real story, because of what I learned about testing storage speeds. It’s a long story but it has unexpected twists so I think you’ll enjoy learning along with me.

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Tiny Tip – Accessibility Shortcuts to Dim Screen & Magnify on iOS by Rick from Baltimore

Accessibility shortcutRick from Baltimore sent in this awesome little tip that solves a real problem:

Hi Allison,

I wanted to share a quick IOS tip that solved two problems for me.

Problem One: I want to read on my iPad in bed, but the screen is too bright in the darkened bedroom, even with auto screen dimming and True Tone turned on. Is there a one-click solution to reduce screen brightness without fiddling with Settings?

Problem Two: I’m getting older and reading small print is increasingly troublesome. Is there a quick way to activate the IOS Magnifier?

Turns out Accessibility settings on IOS solved both of these problems for me. How? It’s all about the Home button settings. I have it set now where I can triple-click the Home button on my iDevice, and a screen pops up offering two Accessibility Shortcuts. These are Magnifier and Reduce White Point.

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Security Bits – VPNFilter, CallKit Removal in China, No Telegram Updates in App Store, End of Flash & Silverlight, Papua New Guinea Turns Off Facebook


Maybe an Inexpensive NUC is All the Computer You Need – by George from Tulsa

20180529 NUC with  external Kingston SATA boot drive 01Hi, this is George from Tulsa here to ask how much computer do you need? Or, phrased differently, how much will the computer you need cost?

In terms of cost, it can be surprisingly little. All my work and personal computing needs are within the capabilities of my seriously obsolete 2007 MacBook Pro. Then, I gave up editing RAW photos and the Quad Core i7 MacBook Pro I bought to do that, and I don’t edit video.

In 2015 I began setting up Linux on Intel NUC systems for work, home, and to distribute to charities. They’re great for general use computing. With Ubuntu and Linux Mint Long Term Support, they’re kind of set and forget for years as they receive regular security updates.

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