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Past Episodes

How to Reduce the File Size of a PDF Using Preview – Rev A

Ever created a PDF with images only to discover the file was huge?  Using Preview you can shrink the file easily but the quality fo the images will be dreadful.  Back in 2012, Josef Habr figured out a clever way to edit some System-level Library files to improve the quality of the images when Read More…

My ClamXav Tutorial on ScreenCasts Online

There isn’t a lot of malware out there for the Mac even now, but there are still some nasty things out there attacking the platform. A while back, Bart convinced me that it was time to start using an anti-virus and he promised he had a very light, non-intrusive solution for us: ClamXav from clamxav.com. Read More…

How to Play Content from Your iOS Device On Your Mac

Have you ever wished you could play content living on your iOS device over on your Mac?  Maybe you have music on your phone or a podcast or even a video you’d like to play through the better speakers on your Mac.  If you’re running Yosemite, you have a new version of QuickTime that Read More…

How to Export LastPass Vault and Import to 1Password

These quick steps will walk you through how to export your LastPass vault to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file which can then be imported into other tools such as 1Password (or even Excel).  The script and instructions that come with it are for both Windows and Mac, but I will only be showing Read More…

How to Make Chrome Safe from the POODLE Vulnerability

This tutorial was written by Dorothy, aka @MacLurker to tell Google Chrome to ignore SSL and only allow TLS1.

Before starting, quit all instances of Chrome

Read More…

How to Back Up from One Drobo to Another

Problem to be solved:

Back up one Drobo to another using a Mac that is normally asleep when the scheduled backups need to be run.


One Mac has to control the backups. Our desire is that the Mac needs to be able to wake up to perform its duties. These instructions assume you Read More…

How to Recover Your Voicemails from an iOS Backup on a Mac (for free)

After the move to an iPhone 6/6+ many people lost their voicemails. If you have a backup made from your previous phone, this quick technique will bring them back.  Mike Reyes figured this out and wrote short Terminal only instructions, so for people a little less comfortable in the Terminal, here’s a visual guide. Read More…

Allisons Presentations

Whenever I present at Macworld, Podcast Expo, MacMania, etc. I upload my presentations to Slideshare.net. If you’re looking for one of my presentations, follow this link:


How to Tell if Your Mac Will Be Able to Do Handoff in Yosemite

Handoff requires Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low energy) – use this to find out if you have the right version.

Read More…

How to Disable Auto-Play Videos in Facebook

Recently Facebook decided that we wanted our feeds littered with auto-playing videos.  The only saving grace is that the audio doesn’t also play but it’s still distracting and annoying to many of us. Luckily, there’s a switch to turn it off from the web-version of Facebook, and in a completely different place to turn Read More…