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Past Episodes

ScreenCasts Online App on AppleTV

You know I’m a big fan of Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online. I think it’s the best way to learn how to use applications on the Mac and iOS. It’s a subscription service at $6/month if you buy the yearly subscription. Think about that price compared to other online training courses.

I’m biased because Don lets Read More…

Three Camera Shoot for ScreenCasts Online

I’ve mentioned before that I do video screencasts for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online subscription podcast. He lets me pick the topic (with veto powers) but this time he probably should have talked me out of it.

Video screencasting is tough work but it’s made easier by the fantastic application Screenflow from Telestream. It captures your Read More…

Why Do Strong, Unique Passwords Matter?

In this video, I try to explain (in words normal humans can understand) how poor passwords can be revealed even if the website you’re using encrypts those passwords.

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Hacker image courtesy By Andersson18824 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Read More…

How iCloud Photo Library Adapts for Optimized Images

On iOS Today on the TWiT network hosts Leo Laporte & Megan Morrone were talking about iCloud Photo Library and the impact on your iOS devices. Leo expressed concern that the small storage of iOS devices wouldn’t be able to handle a big library. In this video I demonstrate how a 300GB+ library on the Read More…

Fun With QFDs!

I have been fixing to make a plan to do screencasting on for years and I finally started!

If you’ve ever had trouble making a decision, you’ll enjoy this short video explaining how a QFD (Quality Function Deployment) can help you decide. Delivered in Allison’s “unique” style, all you spreadsheet nerds are going to Read More…