How to Make Mailing Labels Using Word 2011


These quick instructions will show you how to use a Word file containing addresses to make mailing labels


  • You’re running Office 2011 for Mac
  • You have a comma delimited file with the same number of fields in each address
  • You have already purchased, or plan to purchase labels that match one of the options in Word labels

Your Address File


In the first row you need to put the names of each of the fields you’ll want to identify, e.g. Name, Address, city, state, and zip. Note that I have 5 fields in each address, the title row is separated by commas and each address row also has 5 records separated by commas.

Close this file.

Open a Blank Word Document


Select Mail Merge Manager from the Tools Menu


The Mail Merge Manager


We’re going to simply step through each part of the manager.

Select Document Type


Use the Pulldown under step 1 – Create New, and select Labels

Select Your Label Type

  1. Find the label manufacturer
  2. Select the product number (will be printed on the label box
  3. Review the dimensions and verify from the box
  4. Click OK

Note that even off brands will say something like “equivalent to Avery 5160” so you don’t have to buy one of the big brands.

Records Showing in Word


Word will lay out the labels for you as shown

Open Your Address List


Under Step 2, Click the pulldown for Get List, and choose Open Data Source

Select Your Address List


Add the Fields You Want to Print


This is where you will select the fields you want to print, the order in which to print them and how they will be displayed

Choose the Fields


Use the Insert Merge Field to choose the Name

All Fields Selected


Keep adding fields, using the enter to separate lines, and commas to separate city/state and space or comma before zip. click OK

Review Fields


Review the fields on the page to verify that they are as you expected

Merge to New Document


As tempting as it is to stick your highly priced labels into the printer and click Print under Complete Merge, don’t do it. I promise you something will be wrong and you’ll have wasted money.

Instead click the second button to Merge to New Document

Review Labels


This creates a new document with your labels. I always print this on plain paper and hold it up to a bright light with the real label paper behind it to make sure no one’s address slops over a line. This can often happen with long addresses, or where a husband and wife have two different names. I like to correct these before printing.

After circling back to this point and getting an acceptable print, you are free to stick your highly priced labels into the printer and simply print as you would any other document.


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