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Past Episodes

How to set up WPA on a Linksys WRT54G Router

The Linksys routers use a web browser as an interface, so it’s pretty easy to work with.
* First, navigate your browser to (type this where you would normally enter a url like
* Enter your password (there is no user name)
* I’m running Firmware v4.30.5, so your screen might look slightly different, but look for the wireless tab on the dashboard:
opening screen pointing to the wireless tab
* After you’ve clicked on the Wireless tab, look for the Wireless Security sub-tab. This might be confusing because you have to resist the temptation to click on the Security tab above that!
the wireless security tab
* On the Wireless Security page:

    set the Security Mode to WPA Personal
    Set the WPA Algorithms to TKIP
    Enter a COMPLEX password for WPA Shared Key. A complex password is at least 8 characters, is not a normal word that could ever be looked up in a dictionary, should contain letters, numbers, lower and upper case characters. Including non-alpha numeric characters will improve the security of your password. Make sure you make a note of this password! Note that for the screenshot below I didn’t show my Password, but when you type it in, it will be visible so keep that in mind if there are people around!
    leave the Group Key Renewal at 3600 seconds
    Click on Save Settings

enter WPA Shared Key Password
You are now secure. Keep one more thing in mind. Occasionally it’s necessary to reboot a router when things just stop working, by unplugging or pushing in the reset button on the back when things get hinky. Make SURE you go back in to this control panel and make sure your router password AND your WPA password are restored. They WILL be erased if the router is reset!