Allison Sheridan

September 4, 2005


Dong-Jin Oh

105 Challenger Road

Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660


Robert Wise

400 Valley Road, Suite 201

Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856


Dear Messrs. Oh and Wise,

I am writing to tell you about the particularly difficult time I have been having with customer service from Samsung Electronics of America.  I purchased a Samsung LCD monitor through Newegg on June 11th, which failed within days of arrival.  Over the last two months I have made twelve separate contacts with SEA, escalated up 4 levels of management, and I still do not have a working monitor, nor have I been successful in receiving a refund,

Attached at the end of this letter is a detailed accounting of my experience, including dates, names, and transaction numbers.

I have found that the people with whom I have been dealing for the most part do not do what they say they are going to do.  They have not ever been unpleasant in any way, and have treated me on the phone as a valued customer, but then they donÕt send me shipping labels, donÕt send me monitors, donÕt return my calls, close transactions without fulfilling them and overall do nothing to make me consider buying another Samsung product. 

This poor performance has continued as I escalated up through executive support.  As of this letter, I have been waiting for a full week for a call back from Tom Littlewood (IÕve called/written three times to him).  In addition IÕve been waiting for three days for a shipping label to return the second broken monitor – and after having called back IÕve been told ŌthereÕs a problem creating the labelsĶ.

IÕve asked for my money to be returned to me, which they agreed to do, but only if I ship the broken monitor back (which of course I canÕt do because I donÕt have the label).  IÕve also been told I will not be reimbursed for the $50 in shipping, tax and recycling fees, and I will have to wait 4-6 weeks for a check.  That means that after two months, 11 phone calls, and 5-10 hours of my time, I will pay $50 to not receive a monitor from Samsung. 

I have recently gone out and purchased an HP monitor as this was intended for my daughterÕs high school graduation gift, and sheÕs leaving for college before I would ever have seen a monitor from Samsung.



Allison Sheridan