#106 Audio CAPTCHAs, Box, Disk Inventory X, Inquisitor and Skitch

iPhone whining about batteries and not being able to send .mac mail over EDGE, Sam Caldwell on Microsoft vs. Apple service (hint, Microsoft wins), Sam’s podcast is at http://web.mac.com/inetsynch/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html. Idea for encouraging audio CAPTCHAs on websites for accessibility, box.net for storing and sharing files, Disk Inventory X from derlien.com for recovering wasted disk space, Zoho […]

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Show #104 EVDO ExpressCard speed test, Blackberry micro SD card for media, Audio Hijack Pro vs WireTap Pro

QA Director Steve finds a glaring error, accessibility problems/solutions with color vision issues including Shapeshifter from unsanity.com and Songbird from songbirdnest.com. hdabob.com. Two hardware reviews – speed tests with the Verizon EVDO ExpressCard 34 for mobile internet access, available at mobilecityonline.com, and using using speakeasy.net for the speed test. that’s followed by a test of […]

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Show #102 Skype iChat to Italy, assistive voices, Screenshot Captor, SMARTReporter, ByteController

Skype vs. iChat from the US to Italy, Assistive Voices demonstration from Susan Gerhart (author of @Podder from apodder.org), TextAloud from Ken and his computers, Safari 3 fails on OSX and Windows, Screenshot Captor for Windows from donationcoder.com. SMARTReporter and ByteController reviews from Bart. [tags]Apple, Safari, @Podder, Screenshot Captor, SMARTReporter, ByteController[/tags] Listen to the Podcast […]

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Show #101 Impossible Quiz, iSpeak It, improved Apple.com, Sound Grinder

Polished the ’98 Accord, don’t wash a chenille blanket, Safari comes out on Windows, are you sick of the iPhone yet? Steve paid for SnapZPro. Impossible Quiz at newgrounds.com, iSpeak It from zapptek.com, hdabob.com, Apple.com redesign review by my favorite listener James Kocsis, Sound Grinder from monkey-tools.com, Nam’s adventure trying not to buy a iPod […]

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Show #99 D5: All Things Digital

Highlights of D5: All Things Digital Conference: Ballmer and the Microsoft Surface at microsoft.com/surface, Jeff Hawkins with the Foleo smart phone companion mobileplanet.com, Steve Jobs announces YouTube on AppleTV apple.com/appletv, Mahalo for human powered search at mahalo.com, George Lucas on new animation technology for games, Steve Jobs & Bill Gates’ historic on-stage reunion, YouTube/Viacom/Google all […]

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Show #98 MyPodder, Color Oracle, WinDirStat, Neo Office, Caffeine

Pay your shareware fees, Timbuk2 accessories, MyPodder from podcastready.com DOES work on Mac/Windows/Linux and more, HDA Bob on Anti-Lock brakes at hdabob.com, Color Oracle at colororacle.cartography.ch. More website statistics programs at sitemeter.com. WinDirStat from sourceforge.net/projects/windirstat allows disk mapping like Grand Perspective for the Mac. Neo Office week four, Caffeine to keep your Mac from sleeping […]

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