#120 ArtText, WireTap Studio, Animoto, Leopard Firewall & the Trojan

Menu Meters to measure my processors, from Raging Menace at ragingmenace.com, Shaun’s artwork at qwalsiusstudios.com, hilarious and serious reviews on iTunes – thanks! Art Text review from Tim/Alex from BeLight Software, belightsoft.com. WireTap Studio from Ambrosia Software at ambrosiasw.com, Animoto to make cool movies with your photos and no work at animoto.com, Bart from bartbusschotts.ie […]

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Car Waxing Tutorial Video

By popular demand, here’s a tutorial on how to clay and wax your car, by pre-eminent specialist, Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Podcast. Her credentials basically are that she’s obsessed with car waxing and has been known to voluntarily wax the cars of complete strangers’ cars, especially if they are the nieces of famous actresses. […]

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Show #116 Typical Mac User, Oracle of Bacon, Little Snitch, Radioshift, iFlash

Allison was interviewed on typicalmacuser.com, using mobile phone websites for screenreaders like the mobile version of Amazon’s site, a listing of mobile friendly sites at timestocomemobile.com, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon at oracleofbacon.org. hdabob.com. Martin’s review of Little Snitch version 2.0 beta 8 from Objective Development at obdev.at, Rogue Amoeba’s Radioshift from rogueamoeba.com. Bart’s review […]

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Show #114 Podcast Expo, Octothorp, Portable Apps, Office ’07 and ’08

Podcast Expo (Podcast and New Media Expo) fun and learning. Here’s a list of links mentioned from the Expo: Bill Palmer of iProng.com, Sean Carruthers and Andy Walker from LabRats, Craig Syverson of gruntmedia.com, Kinji Kato recommended, this book Revolutionary QuickTime Pro 5 & 6, Don McCallister of screencastsonline.com, John Chambers of the Oneminutetip podcast, […]

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Show #113 Linux Dependencies, JAlbum, BananAlbum, Gallery

New desk, more on video editing in linux and those darn dependencies, enhanced keypad tip, new sponsor Wall Street Journal, JAlbum at jalbum.net and BananAlbum from bananalbum.com, Gallery at gallery.menalto.com, iPhoto has a locked down library, Honda Bob asks you some questions, Podcast Expo coming up this week. Subscribe: Listen to the Podcast Once (45 […]

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Show #112 Hanks History Hour, Acorn, Keynote, iPhone Hack

Chrome wheel care, Safari tab switching, dependency heck in Linux, Google Flight Simulator, hdabob.com asks for feedback on his site, hankshistoryhour.com goes live for AP European History, Acorn from flyingmeat.com for a low priced light image editing application, Bart’s review of Apple’s new Keynote at bartbusschots.ie/blog, and his Physics lecture , and Allison hacks her […]

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