I have been having SO MUCH trouble between Libsyn and Podtrac, so this week I started my podcast 5 hours early, and I still ran into problems! You may have downloaded what looked like today’s episode but was a repeat of 9/17. You probably will have to delete the feed and resubscribe, my apologies, it’s […]

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NosillaCast 09/17/2006 Show #61

AppZapper from doesn’t really find everything, Open Office from for Windows/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD, NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta 3 from for OSX, ReplaceM from for Windows text search and replace, DVD Capture from to take screen snapshots of DVDs as they play, Chi Pet Widget from just for fun, SuperDuper! for Mac backups at, SyncBack for Windows backups from, Dragon Drop for tabbed windows from, All US airport wifi hotspots listed at, ProTools petition for blind accessibility at, how podcast searching stinks, 285714, Dash Clipping from, Crossover from to run Windows apps on the Mac.

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NosillaCast 09/03/2006 Show #59

DeskLampX Redux from developer Alf, listener Larry’s workaround to Parallels installation when you need to insert a second disk, Synergy gui and review from listener Bart, on Here’s How to Talk podcast, Ian and Allison battle it out over the need for anti-virus on the Mac, listener Leonard’s suggestions on using Sidenote from, SightSpeed from for free cross-platform video chat, review of 8 wiki’s from, tutorial on how to put YouTube video on your iPod, Time Warner gets two points.

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NosillaCast 08/27/2006 Show #58

Tiniest card yet – microSD, Spotlight search improvement, DeskLampX redux, clarification on virus protection on the Mac, James Kocsis Automator keyboard shortcuts tutorial, another web 2.0 home page, for music podcasts (but is it stealing?),, shrink photos in Picasa, to share one keyboard between a Mac, a PC and a Linux box with separate monitors.

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NosillaCast 08/20/2006 Show #57

Listener Michael Gs voicemail, podcatcher for the visually impaired, join Views from the Coop live on Fridays at 9am CST at, host your own virtual conference room (for a fee) at, MoRu for better OSX searching from, beta test of Desk Lamp for desktop OSX search from, tutorial, another web 2.0 home page called Bitacle from, Google alerts at, Shrink photos in iPhoto tutorial, how the RDX tech package can save your marriage; pics of RDX at, video of the RDX testdrive at

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NosillaCast 08/19/2006 Show #56 Views from the Coop

Interview of Allison on the podcast Views from the Coop, available at Warning to the metropolitan members – this is a southern show, so it has that home town feeling that you don’t always get from NosillaCast. Also, I got really excited and started talking really fast – not just in comparison to Paige and Kristi! the sound quality is not the best, but it’s not the 2 smart chix fault – then encoded it once, I had to re-encode to get it into GarageBand, then GarageBand encodes it over to iTunes as an AAC, and I have to re-encode it AGAIN to get it into an MP3. the sound was a bit worse for wear by the time I got through hashing it up like that. If the sound quality gets on your nerves, go on over to their blog and pick it up from there.

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