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Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite is the lighter, less “propeller beanie” episodes of the Chit Chat Across the Pond podcast.  If you want the propeller beanie episodes, look for Taming the Terminal and Programming By Stealth.

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CCATP #554 – Dr. Maryanne Garry on Persuasion with Facts and Data (7/7/2018) by podfeet - Dr. Maryanne Garry, a scientific researcher into memory, memory distortions, fans memories, the myth of repression and its overlap with the laws from the University of Waikato in New Zealand joins us again on Chit Chat Across the Pond. In this interview, Dr. Garry refers to the book “Mistakes were Made (but Not by Me)” […]
CCATP #552 – Steve Harris on Mac App Store Improvements & Dark Mode (6/20/2018) by podfeet - This week our guest is someone you’ve heard me mention a hundred times, Steve Harris of Reinvented Software. It’s because of Steve’s application Feeder that you’ve been getting all of my podcasts delivered to you. He’s also the developer of Keep It that you’ve been hearing me talk about more recently. I asked Steve onto […]
CCATP #550 – Bart Busschots on How & Tools He Creates His Awesome Shownotes (6/8/2018) by podfeet - This week our guest is Bart Busschots but this is not an episode of Programming By Stealth. Bart is here to talk about the tech tools he uses to prepare his shownotes for his podcast Let’s Talk Apple and for his Security Bits segment for the NosillaCast. mp3 download For years he used Instapaper, but […]
CCATP #548 – Lupita Salazar on Braille Literacy and Tech (5/21/2018) by podfeet - Lupita Salazar talks to us about how she learned to read at 6 years old (just like everyone else) through Braille. She was highly influenced by my awesome friend Lore Schindler, who taught Tech and Braille to her and the other students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He explains why Braille is so […]
CCATP #536 – David Sparks on Video Field Guide Books (5/10/2018) by podfeet - This week’s guest is David Sparks from David is the co-host of Mac Power Users with Katie Floyd and The Free Agents with Jason Snell. According to David, he’s also a bad musician (he traded his saxophones for children) and a non-full-time lawyer. But he’s also an author of the MacSparky Field Guides, which […]
CCATP #534 – Bart Busschots on GDPR (4/18/2018) by podfeet - In another Lite version of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart agreed to come on and explain the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This is a regulation that will take effect across the European Union starting on 25 May 2018. Bart first gives us an overview, outlining the main objectives, the 7 core principles, […]
CCATP #533- Bart Busschots on Choosing a DNS Resolver (4/14/2018) by podfeet - In this “Lite” version of Chit Chat Across the Pond (within a NosillaCastaway’s definition of Lite), Bart teaches us about DNS Resolvers and helps give us the information to choose the right one for us. To get us there he starts by explaining the background technologies. He explains DNS and how there’s two kinds of […]
CCATP #532 – Joe Dugandzic Answers NosillaCastaways’ Home Automation Questions (4/3/2018) by podfeet - Joe Dugandzic of joins us again, this time in a crossover episode. We start by him asking me to describe my progression in Home Automation from my first smart lightbulb to the more advanced capabilities Steve and I enjoy today. But then we turn the table around and I ask Joe a series of […]
CCATP #529 – Mike Potter on Macstock Conference and Expo (2/20/2018) by podfeet - I asked Mike Potter to join us on Chit Chat Across the Pond this week with the express purpose of trying to convince you to come to Macstock Conference and Expo on July 20th and 21st. Do not listen to this episode if you don’t want to be talked into it because I guarantee you’ll […]
CCATP #520 – Tom Merritt on How Social Media Makes Us Feel (1/25/2018) by podfeet - Tom Merritt, host of the Daily Tech News Show along with many other fine podcasts, joins me to talk about how social media makes us feel. We talk about how we feel about pictures of food, how we curate Twitter, who in our family takes the photos, whether Instagram is a happy place, how we […]
CCATP #518 – Joe Dugandzic on How He Went from Youtuber to Full-Time Project/Marketing Manager at Lynky (1/8/2018) by podfeet - Joe Dugandzic of Smarter Home Life has been on the show several times in the past year talking about Home Automation. This time he’s on to talk about how being a Youtuber working on Home Automation landed him a full-time job at a home automation startup company called Lynky. It’s a story of his technical […]
CCATP #515 – Allison Hartley on Trials & Tribulations of a New iPhone (12/16/2017) by podfeet - This week our guest is Allison Hartley. Allison is the Manager of the Napa Branch of the California department of Rehabilitation, and a podcaster. She co-hosts both the Tech Doctor Podcast with Dr. Robert Carter (…) and That Blind Tech Show (…). Allison joins us to talk about the less than smooth experience she had […]
CCATP #513 – Tom Merritt on Net Neutrality (12/8/2017) by podfeet - Tom Merritt, host of Daily Tech News Show, joins us to explain the implications of the different rulings of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding Internet traffic in the United States. He’ll attempt to clarify the difference between the 2002 ruling where broadband was declared an information service provider and the 2015 ruling where it […]
CCATP #512 – Kaylee on Tech in Japan (12/2/2017) by podfeet - This week our guest is Kaylee of the Zettai Geek Dayo podcast. You con find the podcast at and you can find Kaylee on Twitter at @kayleedayo. mp3 download Importance of IR Blasters for IoT in Japan Allison’s definition of IR Blaster… IRKit… Japanese Web Design – compare: vs. iPhone […]
CCATP #510 – Dr. Maryanne Garry on Many Memory Questions (11/18/2017) by podfeet - This week our guest is Dr. Maryanne Garry, a professor from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Dr. Garry is a scientific researcher into memory, memory distortions, false memories, the myth of repression and its overlap with the law. This is her third appearance on Chit Chat Across the Pond, and has pretty much […]
CCATP #508 – Allison Sheridan Tells Her Woman’s Story (11/1/2017) by podfeet - I’ve been impressed by the women who have stepped forward and told their stories about what life is like for us. I don’t have any salacious tale to tell but rather a thousand paper cuts type of story. I thought about doing a monologue but I was terribly anxious about talking through this, so I […]
CCATP #506 – Mark Fawcett on In-Home Apple Tech Support (10/18/2017) by podfeet - I met Mark Fawcett at Macstock Expo in Chicago last year and we hit it off immediately. Mark does in-home tech support for Apple products, and he’s full of great stories of the fun he has doing this job. After 20 years as a TV and video producer, he finds his new job more fulfilling […]
CCATP #504 – Erica Peterson on Moms Can: CODE (10/3/2017) by podfeet - Erica Peterson of Moms Can: CODE joins us this week to talk about her new startup designed to help mothers who code to connect and collaborate. We talk about her life as a mother of a five-year-old, while coding, while teaching high school biology, creating a startup and running a non-profit. The non-profit is called […]
CCATP #502 – Megan Morrone on iPhone 8 (9/23/2017) by podfeet - Megan Morrone joins us today. Megan is the host of iOS Today with Leo LaPorte and host of Tech News Today with Jason Howell on the TWiT network. She’s got the new, shiny iPhone 8 Plus so I asked her on to tell us what she thinks about it. Megan talks about how the glass […]
CCATP #499 – Joe Dugandzic on Illustrated HomeKit Product Guide (9/6/2017) by podfeet - I asked the fabulous Joe Dugandzic to come back on the show to talk us through the comprehensive HomeKit compatible product guide he created. For a long time there weren’t a lot of HomeKit devices to enjoy but now that the market is filling up, having a really well organized page with all of the […]
CCATP #498 – Patrick Beja on French Tech (8/10/2017) by podfeet - This week’s guest is Patrick Beja, host of The Phileas Club, Le Rendévous Tech, and Pixel, all fine podcasts over at We talk about how France is marketing their technology worldwide, what the government is doing to encourage tech companies to bring business to France, and how education folds into the equation. We might […]
CCATP #497 – Rod Simmons on Electric Vehicles Part 2 (7/26/2017) by podfeet - Two weeks ago in episode #495 of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Rod Simmons joined us to talk about electric vehicles. Based on how passionate he is about the subject, we planned ahead to take a break and come back with the second half. In part two we talk about some of the small, but […]
CCATP #496 – Bart Busschots on Yoink, MultiTimer and Due (7/20/2017) by podfeet - This week our guest is Bart Busschots, but this isn’t a heavy lifting episode. Instead Bart’s going to tell us about three apps he’s just acquired on the advice of the NosillaCastaways and about which he’s really excited. He’s going to write blog posts about them soon, so keep an eye on this post to […]
CCATP #495 – Rod Simmons on Electric Vehicles – Part 1 (7/12/2017) by podfeet - In this first of a two-part series on electric vehicles, we’re joined by passionate EV-fanatic Rod Simmons of the SMR Podcast. In part 1, Rod helps us understand the difference between the different types of vehicles from hybrid to plug-in hybrid to plug-in EVs. Rod explains how he analyzes his driving (using Excel and pivot […]
CCATP #493 Kelly Guimont on App Camp for Girls (6/29/2017) by podfeet - This week our guest is Kelly Guimont. Kelly is a contributing editor to the Mac Observer and also a volunteer at App Camp for Girls, a program that introduces iOS programming to girls in grades 7-9. We talk about how a 3rd grade teacher asking her to crawl under a desk to plug in an […]
CCATP #491 Peter Wells on WWDC (6/14/2017) by podfeet - This week our guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite is Peter Wells, who writes for the Sydney Morning Herald – and is a semi-regular guest on DTNS. Peter was asked to attend WWDC by Apple and in that capacity had amazing access to Apple engineers to ask the right questions. We talked about […]
CCATP #490 – Bart Busschots on Fitness & Tech (6/10/2017) by podfeet - Just about a year ago Bart Busschots came on the show to talk about how he was using tech to become fit and healthy. He’s back with a “one year on” report of his success and to talk both about the tech and some philosophical perspective on why this path worked for him. Plus, he […]
CCATP #489 – Bruce Wilson on Oak Ridge National Laboratory (5/30/2017) by podfeet - On Tom Merritt’s Daily Tech News Show a while back, he mentioned an article about how the Oak Ridge National Laboratory had developed an ultrasonic clothes dryer that would eliminate the need for heat. I thought it was really cool so I tweeted about it. I got a response back from a NosillaCastaway, Bruce Wilson, […]
CCATP #486 – Joe Dugandzic on New Amazon Echo Devices (5/11/2017) by podfeet - This week I’m joined by the awesome Joe Dugandzic from Smarter Home Life ( to talk about the huge set of product and capability announcements from Amazon about their Echo line of devices. We talk Echo Show, Echo Look, ecobee4, and the new voice calling in the Alexa app for your existing Echo devices. Joe […]
CCATP #485 – Chris Ashley on Microsoft Surface Laptop and Windows 10S Education Devices (5/4/2017) by podfeet - Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast joins us to talk about all of the big announcements coming out of Microsoft this week. We’ll try to understand where the new Surface Laptop fits into their lineup of mobile devices, and then we’ll shift gears to talk about the new line of Education devices. These devices from […]
CCATP #483 – David Peck from Cloak Talks VPNs (4/17/2017) by podfeet - With the recent legislation on privacy rules for ISPs in the United States, a lot of people are considering using VPNs to protect their Internet traffic from home. I thought this would be a great time to get Dave Peck on the show, co-founder of Cloak, my VPN of choice. This isn’t a show about […]
CCATP #481 – Dermot Daly from Tapadoo (3/29/2017) by Bart Busschots - I’m your guest host Bart Busschots, and this week I’m on conversation with Dermot Daly from Tapadoo, a mobile app development company based on Dublin, Ireland. We talk about what it’s like being a developer witting apps for iOS and Android, how App Store and Google Play store differ from each other, and the state […]
CCATP #479 – Steve Ewell of the CTA Foundation (3/6/2017) by podfeet - This week our guest is Steve Ewell, executive director of the Consumer Technology Association Foundation. CTA Foundation is a public, national foundation affiliated with the Consumer Technology Association, was launched in 2012 with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives. Get this – Steve is a NosillaCastaway […]
CCATP #477 Megan Morrone & Jason Howell on Switching iOS and Android (2/24/2017) by podfeet - This week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond was so much fun.  I was joined by Megan Morrone and Jason Howell, who co-host Tech News Today on the TWiT network together. Megan also co-hosts iOS Today while Jason co-hosts All About Android. For an entire month, Megan and Jason swapped phones. They’re here to tell us […]
CCATP #475 Bart Busschots Explains IPv6 (2/11/2017) by podfeet - I made a deal with Bart when he started his two podcasts Let’s Talk Apple and Let’s Talk Photography that he would never have to be on more than every other week. But this week I tricked him by asking him if he’d come on and explain IPv6 to me. His first answer was that […]
CCATP #473 Joe Dugandzic on The Smarter Home (1/25/2017) by podfeet - Steve and I had the great pleasure of meeting Joe Dugandzic in the Home Automation pavilion at CES and I was lucky enough to get him on as a guest for Chit Chat Across the Pond. Joe runs the website and YouTube channel Smarter Home Life at and, We talked about the complexities […]
CCATP #471 Mikah Sargent on Siri and Alexa and Home Automation (1/10/2017) by podfeet - Mikah Sargent, senior editor at Mobile Nations and podcaster at RelayFM joins us to compare and contrast how Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon help with home automation and other tasks around the house. He has a vast array of Home Automation devices from Hue lights to Eve sensors to an Ecobee thermostat to […]
CCATP #469 Allister Jenks on Affinity Designer (12/30/2016) by podfeet - This week we’re joined by Allister Jenks of the Sitting Duck Podcast. I tricked him into using Affinity Photo (and he loves it) so he turns the tables and convinces me to buy into Affinity Designer. He’ll explain the difference between pixel and vector editors, and why you’d want to use one tool over the […]
CCATP #468 Chris Ashley On Microsoft Windows on Arm and More (12/13/2016) by podfeet - One of my best friends on the Internet, Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast joins us to talk Microsoft. We talk about what the implications are of Windows coming out for the Arm processors, why the Surface Studio has made such a splash, I confess that I bought into Office 365, and how Chris is […]
CCATP #466 – Terry Austin on an App and Headphones for Hearing Loss (12/2/2016) by podfeet - This week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond is a fantastic blend of technology, physiology and ingenuity to solve a very common problem. We’re joined by Terry Austin, a professor of Anatomy & Physiology and microbiology at Temple College in the Texas Hill Country. He turned his research background in neuroscience and his love of technology […]
CCATP #463 Ensign John Moorhead Recounts 1945 Typhoon (11/9/2016) by podfeet - Jeanne and Jack Moorhead before he left for war Hi, this is Allison Sheridan and you’re listening to Chit Chat Across the Pond episode #463 for November 10th, 2016. This week’s recording is very different from anything I’ve done before. This story took place on September 16, 1945. On that date a horrific typhoon hit […]
CCATP #462 Brian Johnson on Inspiring Kids with Bottle Rockets and Science (11/2/2016) by podfeet - This week, Steve and I share hosting Chit Chat Across the Pond with retired electrical engineer, ham radio nerd, and remote control flier, Brian Johnson. Brian explains how he has taken his love of electronics and works to spread his enthusiasm to kids through volunteering at local schools. The pinnacle of his experiences was when […]
CCATP #460 Shelly Brisbin on Self-Publishing (10/18/2016) by podfeet - We’re joined by Shelly Brisbin, author of the book iOS Access for All and host of The Parallel Podcast. As she’s written more than a dozen tech books, I asked her to come on the show to explain how she creates her books, what tools she uses, and how she migrated from using an agent […]
CCATP #458 Allister Jenks on Programming as a Hobby and a Tool (10/8/2016) by podfeet - Allister Jenks joins us to talk about how he uses programming as a hobby and as a tool for solving problems. In his always delightful way, he talks about early experiences programming and how they sparked such joy in him. We’re talking a TRS-80 clone here and a programmable calculator! He tells the story of […]
CCATP #456 Mike Elgan on Life as a Digital Nomad (9/21/2016) by podfeet - Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist, currently working on a book about digital nomad living. You may have seen or heard him on the TWiT network where he’s a frequent contributor to TWIT, MacBreak Weekly and he was formerly the host of Tech News Today. Mike and his family spend many months at a time […]
CCATP #454 Lynda Gousha on Apple Announcements (9/7/2016) by podfeet - This week our guest is Lynda Gousha and she’s here to talk about the big Apple announcements with me. We’ll talk Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, discuss camera specs and revel in “the best iPhone” they’ve ever made. You may have heard her on other fine podcasts, like Let’s Talk Apple […]
CCATP #452 Dr. Garry Asks “Compared to What?” (8/25/2016) by podfeet - Dr. Maryanne Garry, Professor of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington joins us again, this time to talk about how to interpret studies you hear about in the “news”. Flossing is bad for you! Hormone Replacement Therapy causes cancer! Mediterranean diet lowers cholesterol! Dr. Garry explains how to research these claims and what to look […]
CCATP #450 Chris Ashley (8/10/2016) by podfeet - Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast joins us to talk about the Windows 10 Anniversary edition release, integration of Android with Windows, as well as the Ring Video Doorbell and the Bose Quiet Comfort QC35 wireless noise cancelling headphones. Chris turns the tables and asks my advice on whether his baby girl should get an iPod […]
CCATP #448 Bart Busschots on How Tech Caused Fitness (7/22/2016) by podfeet - Bart Busschots joins us this week but not to talk about stealthy programming or the taming of any terminals or even security. This time he’s here to explain how technology has helped him to lose 40 pounds. He’ll explain how he worked through denial and then started exercising and finally to add dieting to change […]
CCATP #447 Mike Potter on How to Throw a Tech Conference (7/12/2016) by podfeet - In this week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond we’re joined by Mike Potter of For Mac Eyes Only to talk about what goes into creating a tech conference. We talk about choosing a venue, creating speaker agreements, getting insurance, managing the catering and more. He knows what he’s talking about because he’s about […]
CCATP #445 Andy Ihnatko on Journalism, Used Cars and PG Wodehouse (6/27/2016) by podfeet - Andy Ihnatko of the Chicago Sun Times joins me to talk about the current state of journalism, and we discuss the question of whether “real” journalism is on its way out. We also side track into discussing how a dying car has caused Andy to get more exercise and our joint enthusiasm for the author […]
CCATP #443 Bastian Wölfle – A Geek’s Guide to Diet and Exercise (6/14/2016) by podfeet - This week our guest is Bastian Wölfle software product manager, German podcaster and self-described crazy man. Bastian lost 40 kg (90 pounds) and he tells us how he pulled this off. He’s got book recommendations, geeky recommendations on how and what to track in your body stats, and of course gadgets to make the whole […]
CCATP #441 Dr. Maryanne Garry on Cognitive Biases, Learning and Aging (5/31/2016) by podfeet - Dr. Maryanne Garry, Professor of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington joins us again to talk about two really interesting books about cognitive psychology. I enjoy talking to Dr. Garry because she reads real studies that follow scientific processes, where we mean those that explain studies which can be falsified (which are the only real […]
CCATP #439 Antonio Rosario on Photo Processing (5/19/2016) by podfeet - Antonio Rosario of the Switch to Manual Podcast at… joins us again to answer some of my photo processing questions. He tries to explain to me the difference between a filter and an adjustment in programs like Photoshop and Affinity Photo (and I think he succeeds), we talk about how to avoid falling into […]
CCATP #437 Devin King on Photography (5/5/2016) by podfeet - In this week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, we’re joined by Devin King, the first VP and Program Director for SMOG, the Southern California Macintosh Owners | Users Group ( He’s a photographer who converted from a giant Canon DSLR to carrying two mirrorless cameras, the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the Fuji X-T1. […]
CCATP #436 Allister Jenks and Julie Kuehl Talk WordPress (4/29/2016) by podfeet - Allister Jenks hosts Julie Kuehl to talk about WordPress – the web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We discuss what it is, what it isn’t, the two key variations of WordPress, how simple and yet powerful and flexible it is, and how it is both a free, open source […]
CCATP #435 How to Secure Your Internet of Things (4/23/2016) by podfeet - Bart Busschots did a talk for the Connecticut Macintosh Connection (aka CTMac) at a few weeks ago where he explained how the Internet of Things can be a concern for the security of your home network. Of course he didn’t stop there, he sent on to explain how for a fairly small amount of […]
CCATP #433 I Push Hard on Greg Scown from Smile About TextExpander 6 (4/8/2016) by podfeet - There’s been a lot of consternation on the Internet this week about the announcements by Smile with their new TextExpander 6 product at I invited Smile founder Greg Scown onto the show to explain their thinking and to allow me to ask him some tough questions. It was hard for me to do because […]
CCATP #431 “What’s a Producer?” With Jennie Josephson (3/26/2016) by podfeet - Jennie Josephson, Senior Advisor to the Daily Tech News Show, joins us this week to try and answer a question I’ve had for a long time, “What’s a producer?” Jennie is qualified to answer this question with her background in radio and news production over the years. You’ll hear her try to answer this question […]
CCATP #429 Stewart Cheifet on AI, Self-Driving Cars and Virtual Reality (3/10/2016) by podfeet - Stewart Cheifet hosted shows on television about technology from the 1980s through 2002. The Computer Chronicles and Net Cafe are still fascinating to watch because of Stewart’s ability to see the current technology and map out the path to the future. I asked Stewart to come on and talk about Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars, and […]
CCATP #427 Barry Fulk on Mobile Device Management (2/24/2016) by podfeet - In this episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, we’re joined by Barry Fulk. Barry is known as the nicest guy in the world who specializes in stalking Mac podcasters. He also directs mobile device management at a large, highly regulated company. He joins us to explain what MDM, or Mobile Device Management is, and […]
CCATP #425 Pretend I’m Dumb About Math with Cheyenne Swenson (2/13/2016) by podfeet - In this week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond I asked Cheyenne Swenson, 2nd grade teacher at Gallatin Elementary School in Southern California, to come on the show and explain Common Core Math to me. This is a challenging episode because my arithmetic skills were stunted by New Math in the 1960s. Cheyenne explains […]
CCATP #423 Dave Hamilton Talks Digital vs Analog Headphones (1/29/2016) by podfeet - I asked Dave Hamilton to come on the show to help us understand the impact of Apple removing the analog headphone jack. I didn’t want to do a big hand wringing about how annoying it might be to replace all of our headphones, rather I asked Dave to come on the show to explain in […]
CCATP #421 Chuck Joiner on Apple Watch Fitness and Gear for Video Interviews (1/14/2016) by podfeet - Chuck Joiner of the MacVoices podcast joins us to talk about how the simple reminder of the little loops on the Apple Watch Activity app got him to stand up once and hour, do a little exercise and start to feel better. We then move into conversation about how he records his video interviews for […]
CCATP #417 Chris Ashley on the New Hotness from Microsoft (12/19/2015) by podfeet - In this week’s show Chris Ashley from the SMR Podcast ( joins us to talk about all of the cool new hardware products from Microsoft. We talk Microsoft Band, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and the new 950 Windows Phone. We talk about how great it is that Microsoft, Google and Apple now build on […]
CCATP #416 Antonio Rosario on Black & White Photography (12/9/2015) by podfeet - This week we’re joined by Antonio Rosario, a professional photographer and instructor based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s also a digital imaging and workflow consultant. In this conversation I attempt to learn the workflow he uses to make his iconic black and white street photography stand out. It takes a while for us to get to […]
CCATP #415 Bart Busschots Ponders the Mystery of the Christmas Star (12/5/2015) by podfeet - Bart Busschots takes us on a journey of discovery to try and see if we can determine what celestial body was seen in the sky on the night of Jesus birth in the city of Bethlehem. This discussion is not judgmental or prejudicial, but rather takes us through what we know of history at the […]
CCATP #414 Claus Wolf Tries Convince Me of the Value of Meta Data (11/28/2015) by podfeet - Claus Wolf of joins us on Chit Chat Across the Pond for the first time to try and convince me that meta data is important and that I should appreciate it. He’s doing this because so many times I have made fun of meta data in the past and said it was silly. Claus […]
CCATP #412 David Sawyer of TSOLife (11/10/2015) by podfeet - David Sawyer is the CEO and founder of TSOLife, also known as The Story of Life. TSOLife is a web application that lets users leave behind their own legacy for future generations including text, audio and video. David is currently a student at Stetson University with the vision of helping us capture our memories in […]
Chit Chat – After the Logo (10/25/2015) by podfeet - New (to Me) Digital Audio Workstation – Amadeus Pro Now that the logo is done I had no excuse for not getting the show going. I mentioned earlier that I also thought this week would just be that much more challenging if I also changed recording software. Apple has been on a tear lately either […]
CCATP #408 – Tom Merritt on Self Publishing (10/23/2015) by podfeet - On this week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond we’ve got Tom Merritt, fiction and non-fiction author over at to talk about self publishing and what his journey has been like to write his own books. Oh, and he does an amazing daily tech newscast called the Daily Tech News Show. mp3 download
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