How to Configure Colloquy for NosillaCast Live

These instructions explain how to download, install, and configure the IRC chat client Colloquy in order to join the live chat during NosillaCast Live.  You can also join the live chat via the web client at if you like, but using a chat client allows you many more features.

Go to to Download

Go to and click on Downloads

Download Colloquy

The downloads page hasn’t been updated since March 2014 but the application works just fine up through High Sierra in 2017.  Click on the downloaded here link, or use the link below:

Unzip Colloquy and Move to Applications Folder

Colloquy is from an Unsigned Developer

When you open Colloquy for the first time, you will find that it’s from an unsigned developer. This may be a security concern for you and if so you should turn back now and choose another client, such as the non-free Textual.  Colloquy has been around a very long time and has a good reputation so for me it’s not a concern.

Right or Control-click to Open Colloquy

You’ll get the same unidentified developer message but now you’ll have an Open option.

Allow Analytics to be Sent

Make a decision on whether you want to help the developer by sending analytics.  Choose send or don’t send.

New Connection

We’re finally ready to configure Colloquy specifically to enter the chat room for NosillaCast Live.

  1. Enter. Nickname of your choosing (I’m showing podfeet as an example, don’t pick that!)
  2. Leave Server Protocol set to IRC (internal Relay Chat)
  3. Set the Chat Server to
  4. Click the checkbox to Remember this Connection
  5. Don’t hit connect yet – Tap the chevron next to Details

Fill in the Rest of the Details

  1. Add a username (not really sure if you need to but I make it the same as my nickname (nicknames can be changed)
  2. Type in your real name (not mandatory but nice for people to see who you are sometimes)
  3. Tap the Plus button next to Join Rooms
  4. In the field that shows up in the box, type #nosillacast.  This is really important because there can be multiple rooms on the same server
  5. NOW hit Connect

Your Connections Window

You will now see a window entitled Connections. Across the top you’ll see a Disconnect button (because we already told it to connect).  Select the next button over, Join Room.

Tell Colloquy the Room (Again)

I know we already told Colloquy to join the #nosillacast room, but you need to tell it again.  Then tap join.  By the way, #nosillacast will be available in the pulldown in the future.  

Start Chatting

You’re now one of the cool kids and can chat away!

  1. List of members of the chat room
  2. Where you’ll see chats
  3. Where you can start typing

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