How to Configure Adium for NosillaCast Live

This tutorial was written by Kirschen Seah for the NosillaCast Live show.  The NosillaCast Live page is at

Download Adium

Download Adium from

Install Adium

Open the downloaded Adium .dmg file. Drag the Adium icon into the Applications shortcut. Close the Finder window and eject the .dmg when done.

Launch Adium

Select Adium from the Applications popup on the Dock or double click the Adium icon in the Applications folder.

Close the Adium Setup Assistant

Close the Adium Setup Assistant using the close button in the title bar. You can reopen the Setup Assistant from the Window menu.

Create an IRC account

Select Add Account from the File menu

Select IRC from the sub menu

Configure your NosillaCast IRC account

  1. Enter the user name (nickname) you’d like to use
  2. Enter as the hostname
  3. No password is needed for field
  4. If you would like to connect to the NosillaCast IRC server when you launch Adium, check the "Connect when Adium opens" box
  5. Click OK to continue. Once you have clicked on the OK button you will be connected to the NosillaCast IRC server. Optional: Click on the Personal button to set up the options. You need not set anything in this section, if you choose not to.

Access the NosillaCast chat room

From the File menu, select Join Group Chat…

Join Chat

In the Join Chat dialog box which appears, type in #nosillacast in the Channel edit field (1). Next press the Join button.

#nosillacast Chat window appears

The NosillaCast IRC chat window appears – you have arrived!


To disconnect, select the Disconnect: menu item from the File menu (or Quit)

To restart, launch Adium, select Connect: from the File menu (if not auto connected), and then do the steps from "Access the NosillaCast chat room".

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