How to post your Podcast in iTunes

Starting in iTunes, click on podcasting on the left sidebar under Library:
podcasting in sidebar
next in the bottom RIGHT, click on Podcast Directory:
podcasting directory on the bottom
this will take you to the iTunes Store and in the bottom LEFT under “Learn More”, you’ll see “submit a podcast”:
submit a podcast
now it’s a matter of following the steps to enter the url of your feed and follow the directions step by step:
enter the url for your feed

Once the folks at Apple deem your podcast worthy to be in the iTunes directory, you have to figure out how to link people there. Go to your podcast in the directory, and then right click on the graphic for your show. It will say “copy iTunes Store URL”. That’s the url you want to attach to a graphic on your website that will tell people how to subscribe in iTunes. If you like the graphic I’m using, go ahead and steal it by right clicking on it and selecting “save as”.

copy itunes store url

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