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Past Episodes

My Ice Bucket Challenge to Benefit ALS Research

A lot of people are not “getting” what the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is all about. I had heard about ALS before but had no idea how awful and terrifying of a disease it is until I saw the Ice Bucket Challenge carried out by a 26 year old man named Anthony Carbajal who’s family is riddled with ALS, and who has recently been diagnosed with ALS himself. If you want to be inspired, go watch his video here:


You don’t have to be loud and crazy and dump ice water on yourself to help. All you have to do is go to http://alsa.org and donate some money to help find a cure.

In my Ice Bucket Challenge I throw it down to Knightwise, and the G-Men, Guy and Gazmaz.

Enhance Your Podcast Listening with Overcast by Terry Austin

logo from the app storeHi there, Castaways! I’m Terry Austin and I’m here to tell you about an awesome new podcast app called Overcast from Marco Arment. You may recognize the name, Marco created Instapaper and was the co-founder of Tumblr. There’s a great interview article over at TechCrunch titled “Why Marco Arment Built a Podcast App”.

I’m always looking for a new podcast player, in fact faithful listeners heard a review of another one from me about this time last year. Ok… why is Overcast my current favorite – this one may last longer than the previous year-long winner for me.

  1. It’s FREE in the app store. Currently it’s iPhone only though of course it will work on your iPads as well.
  2. There is one in-app purchase and YOU WANT IT. For $4.99 you get SmartSpeed and Voice Boost. I’ll come back to those in a minute. Let’s talk about ease of setup first.

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Search for Bluetooth Sport Headphones or No to Jaybird, Yes to Jabra

The Problem to be Solved

Steve and I both do a lot of exercise, and love to listen to podcasts while we run and go to the gym. For ages we’ve used Sony over the head headphones, like the ones you could get with a Walkman in 1972. You may recall me talking about this and how we discovered a way to add the functionality of iPhone headphones – pause, play, volume and more – by added an adapter to the old fashioned headphones. We bought 3 different ones and I told you the virtues of them. Unfortunately, every single one of them failed after a while. We’re back to having to dig our iPhones out of our Spibelts if we need to do any of those functions.

We decided it was time to look into Bluetooth headphones. You can find about 238 articles on the Internet that will tell you the top five Bluetooth headphones for running. The top contender on many of these sites is the Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport. I read an article at squidoo.com that gave us some really good advice. The author specifically said to make sure the batteries last at least 6 hours, look for small size, and to make sure they’re sweat proof. Like the other sites, they recommended the Jaybird headphones, for the for it, the battery life, and especially the sound quality. They were more expensive than Steve and I were hoping for at $130, but they came with such great reviews we figured we couldn’t lose…
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#484 10th Anniversary of Podcasting, eM Client, Zoom iQ5 Mic for iPhone, Automator Service for xkpasswd

Reminder to opt in to the NosillaCast News to get the shownotes fed to you every week via email at NosillaCast News Signup Page, my maudlin and sentimental look back at 10 years of podcasting and what it’s meant to me, Kevin from Connecticut reviews eM Client which allows him to check iCloud email on Windows, and Ken Knight reviews the Zoom IQ5 Microphone for iPhone. My Dumb question this week was about Clarify 2, and I do experiments to prove that your PDF output won’t be huge if you let Clarify scale your images. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart walks us through how to run xkpasswd locally and then how to modify it using scripting, and finally how to create an Automator Service which we can run from any application to generate secure passwords on the fly.

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Zoom IQ5 Mic for iPhone by Ken Knight

I enjoy doing audio recording especially when I’m traveling.  And while the  built-in microphone on the iPhone five is certainly adequate for short clips it really fall short when you wan to get a proper sense of the world around you and if you want to do anything like recording an interview.  To achieve far better results you really do need to use an external microphone.

There are two types of microphones you can attach to an iPhone or iPad or for that matter likely any digital device. You can either plug a microphone into the devices headphone jack or in the case of the iPhones and iPads their lightning port. Plugging into the headphone jack will certainly work and the microphones that are available for that option are easily gotten and usually cheaper. However plugging into the headphone jack which is the analog input is going to result in microphones that are also noisier.
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Allison on Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt

I was on episode DTNS 2298 – UBER DOESN’T LYFT where we covered the big GamesCon announcements, how Viv will beat Siri’s pants off, and why women spend more money on, and are more loyal to mobile games.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Podcasting

headphones over an RSS iconWednesday was the 10th anniversary of podcasting and if you’ll indulge me a bit, I’m going to do a walk down memory lane. Audio and video on the web existed long before podcasting was ever invented, but it was missing a good delivery mechanism. I remember in the early days when I’d try to explain what podcasting was. I’d say it’s the difference between driving to the bookstore to see if your favorite magazine had come in yet, and having it simply delivered to your doorstep through the mail as soon as it was available. Hard to use that analogy now that there aren’t hardly any bookstores … or magazines for that matter!
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Access iCloud, Gmail and More on Windows Using eM Client by Kevin in Connecticut

Logo fro the EMClient Kevin is talking aboutHi Allison – Kevin from Connecticut here. Now that I am primarily a Windows user on the desktop (laptops included), I wanted to find a good way to check iCloud email in Windows via a client with full contacts and calendar support.

For some time now, there has been an iCloud Connector for Microsoft Outlook. While I have Outlook, I find this connector to be problematic. Perhaps it’s just a Windows 7 issue. I’ve found several Office 365 (aka Office 2013 desktop) features to work better in Windows 8.1 including the OneDrive (formerly sky drive), their Dropbox alternative and Office 2013 in general. Perhaps Microsoft thought everyone was going to go for Windows 8/ 8.1. Boy, were they surprised. I bought this HP laptop in January for Windows 7 and it’s done me well.

So what was I do to ?
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#483 Aperture Benefits with Lightroom, Why People Care About RAW Updates to OSX, DayMap, Becoming an iOS Programmer

Bruji’s Pocketpedia does more than sync to your OSX ‘pedia apps, Dilbert from August 5th 2014 discusses so easy your mother could do it. Tom Stewart tells us his new process to keep some of the benefits of Aperture as he moves to Lightroom. Camera RAW updates and why people care. Task Management in a Visual Way with DayMap from whetstoneapps.com. Donald Burr’s Clarify 2 document walking us through exactly how to reset your iTunes activations. In Chit Chat Across the Pond, Allister Jenks from zkarj.me walks us through his journey from a 12 year old with his first computer to becoming an iOS programmer.

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Camera RAW Updates and Why People Care

error Apple shows when Aperture doesn't recognize a raw fileFor years I have seen Apple come out with OSX updates that say “new camera RAW support”, and for years I’ve wondered what that really was and why anyone would care. I can tell you that I intimately understand why people care now, so I thought I should share my newfound knowledge with you. Not that you’ll necessarily ever care, but just so you too will have this understanding.
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