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Cloak 2 VPN Service at Macworld

Allison interviews Peter Sagerson from Cloak about their new Cloak 2 VPN software. When installed on a Mac or iOS device, Cloak 2 allows the user to safely use public WiFi. Cloak 2 automatically connects to trusted networks, reducing the set up time for the user. You can subscribe to Cloak 2 on a monthly basis or for individual on-line sessions as short as one week. The setting is the Macworld 2014 show room floor. Learn more at

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Fission 2 from Rogue Amoeba at Macworld

Allison interviews Paul Kafasis from Rogue Amoeba about their latest Fission 2 audio editing software for the Mac. Fission 2 supports editing FLAC files, batch conversion, and transcoding to different audio formats from the source file. Fission 2 makes a good companion to Audio Hijack Pro. Learn more at

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Handy Photo from Macworld

Allison interviews Maksym Davydov from Adva Soft about their new Handy Photo app for the iPad. Handy Photo allows the user to select, edit, move and remove objects from photos using multiple layers. It also provides a “magic crop” feature to extend the crop region of straightened photos. Learn more at

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Chore-inator to Get Your Kids to Do Chores from Macworld

Allison interviews Debbie Quetsch from Binary Formations about their Chore-nator app for the iPad. The Chore-inator helps organize family chores and motivate children to perform tasks while keeping it simple for the parent to track progress. Learn more at

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#466 Heartbleed, Chore-inator, Handy Photo, Fission 2, Cloak 2

I had the fun of being on The Mac Show on the British Tech Network this week. Interviews from Macworld include Chore-inator from, and Handy Photo from Then we get a real review of Handy Photo from Mark Pouley, aka switcher mark. Rogue Amoeba from shows off Fission 2, and we hear about advancements in Cloak 2 VPN service from I gave Cloak 2 a try from the App Store and it was amazingly easy! In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart explains Heartbleed to us and why it was so important.

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WeCam Cross Platform Video Chat at Macworld

Allison interviews Jason from WeCam about their new WeCamChat app on the Macworld/iWorld show room floor. WeCamChat provides video chat communication across social networks and between iOS, Android and soon to be Windows Phone users. Learn more at

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sDockAir to Mount Your iPad to the Wall at Macworld

Allison interviews Michael Donohue from Smart-Things Solutions about their unique sDock Air wallmount for iPads and iPhones. The sDock Air is a charging wall mount system that also serves as a photo frame. It allows the user to pivot and lock the iPad/iPhone into various orientations. Learn more at

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BassEgg Makes Any Surface a Bluetooth Speaker at Macworld

Allison interviews Adam McPherson from Bass Egg about their portable Bluetooth speaker on the Macworld/iWorld 2014 show room floor. This novel and very compact device is not a full speaker but instead is a transducer that can be placed on any firm surface, turning it into a full speaker of comparable size. Learn more at

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Entertain Your Pet with Petcube at Macworld

Allison interviews Yaroslav Azhnyuk from Petcube about their product that allows users to stay connected with their pets when they are not home. Using an iPhone and mobile app, the user can watch live video of their pet and control a laser pointer to encourage chasing remotely. The user can also hear and speak to their pet with Petcube. A sharing facility is available for others to join in on the fun. Learn more at

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Ergotron WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstation at Macworld

Allison interviews Daneen Kiger from Ergotron about their fully adjustable WorkFit workstations on the Macworld / iWorld 2014 show room floor. WorkFit workstations can be easily adjusted for a sitting or standing user and are available to accommodate all MacBook models as well as iMacs. Learn more at

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