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Past Episodes

Podfeet Sticker Pack for iMessage

Podfeet stickers imessage

Greetings fellow NosillaCastaways. Allister here from New Zealand with a little bit of fun for those of you who have already upgraded your devices to iOS 10.

If you've been watching the recent announcements and coverage, you'll probably know that Apple have put quite a bit of time and effort into enhancing the Messages app, for use on the iMessage service. You can use apps in Messages to send money to a friend, collaborate on a to-do list, or exchange rich content like restaurant or movie details.

But far more importantly you can now use neat effects like lasers and slams to spice up your basic conversations and, of course, add stickers! Of all the new features, stickers seem to be burgeoning the most, and the simple reason for this is that they're really easy for developers to make.

If you're already an Apple developer, making a sticker pack is as simple as creating a new sticker pack project in Xcode and providing the images for the stickers, along with various sizes of icon to represent your sticker "app." That's pretty much it.

Now, if you're not a registered developer, you could download Xcode, make your sticker pack and load it on your own device for no outlay, but, well, Xcode is on the same list of applications with iTunes when it comes to users loving it, so I don't recommend it unless you're prepared to geek out a bit.

But what if you have some serious need for sticker goodness and you're also a died-in-the-wool NosillaCastaway? Well, I'm pleased to tell you that I have, with Allison's blessing, created a NosillaCastaway Podfeet sticker pack which contains stickers for each of Allison's podcasts, plus the infamous podfeet logo and Bart’s Programming By Stealth ninja. We're planning on adding some more stickers soon.

If you're on iOS 10, simply head to the App Store and search for "NosillaCast" to find the sticker pack, look for the podfeet, or there's a link in the show notes. They're free to download.

If you'd like to hear more from me, you can find most of my stuff over at including the once-again-relaunched Sitting Duck Podcast for you music lovers, and my other App Store offerings like the newly launched Night Clock app.

Fly All Over the World with X-Plane Flight Simulator

Guest Post by Tom Stewart

X plane cockpit viewThis is Tom Stewart again and I am hoping to take a few minutes of your time to discuss a topic which has only a very slight Macintosh bias. There is no problem to be solved here, merely a way to use our computers for fun – I am talking about flying around the world on your Mac. I can sit at my 27” iMac and fly wherever I want, whenever I want and it can be an incredibly immersive experience with some of the software, hardware, and services available.

The first thing you need is a flight simulator program. Laminar Research produce a flight simulator program for the Mac called X-plane. This is available for download at or by using Allison’s Amazon link for a DVD version. The base product comes with 30 different aircraft to fly from gliders to the huge 747 and you can start and end your flight at one of its 33,000 airports.

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NC #494 iPhone 7 Plus Camera Comparison, X-Plane, Apple Watch Series 2, Podfeet Sticker Pack

I compare the wide-angle camera on the new iPhone 7 Plus to that of the iPhone 6. I’m hoping it will help you decide if the new camera alone is worth the upgrade. I include a really good sample set of good and low light samples in a downloadable for the comparison so you can follow along. Tom Stewart joins us for a review of the flight simulator called X-Plane from Next up I’ll walk you through the differences between the original Apple Watch and the new Apple Watch Series 2, again to help you decide if it’s worth the upgrade. Finally we’ll hear a quick message from Allister Jenks as he tells us how he created a Podfeet Sticker Pack for the new iMessage in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

mp3 download

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How Does the Apple Watch Series 2 Compare to the Original?

2 apple watches on allisonWhen the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced, it didn’t sound like that big of an upgrade to me from the original watch. I bought it anyway, mostly because Steve wanted to get a new one, and I had the dreaded FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Now that I’ve had it for a week, I thought it would be interesting to walk through the features of the Series 2 to see whether there’s enough there to make you want to upgrade from the original (Series 0) Apple Watch.

The Series 2 has what they’re calling a second generation OLED Retina Display. Even though it has the same screen resolution, it’s supposed to be 1000nits of brightness, which is more than double the 450 Nits of the Series 0. This did sound pretty good to me, as I have a heck of a time seeing my watch screen in broad daylight. It’s especially hard as I have to wear sunglasses, because I can’t see the watch without them.

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How Much Better is the iPhone 7 Plus Wide-Angle Camera Than the iPhone 6?

Busybee 2x 7+There’s a lot of reasons we use to justify how much money we spend on our technology. One of my personal favorites is how we justify new phones. “My contract is up”, “It’s been 2 years” and “It’s my turn” are amongst the more popular versions of this silliness.

Well, it’s my turn to get a new phone this year. Steve is on the s track and I’m on the non-s track for the iPhone. We pay full price for our iPhones now so there’s no logic whatsoever to this, but at least it keeps us from each buying a new phone we don’t need every year. I mentioned earlier that I decided it was time to upgrade to the big girl iPhone, so I opted for the iPhone 7 Plus. My decision was made easier by the new dual cameras. Read More

CCATP #456 Mike Elgan on Life as a Digital Nomad

Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist, currently working on a book about digital nomad living. You may have seen or heard him on the TWiT network where he’s a frequent contributor to TWIT, MacBreak Weekly and he was formerly the host of Tech News Today.

Mike and his family spend many months at a time living in different countries and he tells us about how he does it, what he’s learned (don’t buy the boots) and of course the tech he uses to do his own podcast and contribute to others. You can find Mike on Twitter @becomingnomad, he’s a huge contributor on Google Plus, and he’s got all of his tech gear and his photography from each country over at You can also find him on the FatCast – Mike Elgan’s Food and Technology Podcast.

Mike has written many articles for Computer World on this subject:

mp3 download

NC #593 Poll to Influence Podfeet Redesign, Activity Tracking Improvements in watchOS 3 and iOS 10, First Days with iPhone 7 Plus, Security Bits

We chat about how the clock on is insecure and how we’re going to program our way around it. I need your help with a quick 5-question poll to help me redesign Activity tracking has REALLY improved with watchOS 3 and iOS 10. Want to help the show? Pledge your support at I’ll give you some of the high points of my first few days with the new iPhone 7 Plus (spoiler, I love it) but we’ll wait till next week to talk about the camera. Bart Busschots is back with another edition of Security Bits. Among other things he’ll tell you whether to light your hair on fire about the Dropbox kerfuffle.

mp3 download

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First Few Days with the iPhone 7 Plus – Size Matters

Iphone 7plusOne of the hard things about reviewing gadgets is to remember to use the words, “for me” and “I feel” and not make categorical judgments. I hear a lot of male podcasters who talk about gadgets from their own point of view and don’t take into account that another gender might have a different perspective. If I hear one more time, “it has to fit in a pocket”, I’m going to scream. You wouldn’t think much of me as a reviewer if I said, “it fits in a purse so it’s perfect for everyone”, right?

Men are more likely to have pockets, men are more likely to have big pockets. Women are more likely to have small or no pockets, and women are more likely to carry a purse. I make no value judgment on this, I’m just stating facts.

With that in mind, I started thinking about going up in size from the iPhone 6 to the 7 Plus well before it was officially announced. Read More

CCATP #455 Bart Busschots Programming By Stealth 21 – jQuery Basics

PBS_Logo.pngIn this installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart Busschots continues our baby steps into jQuery, keeping us inside the JavaScript console. He reviews some html and css basics and then teaches us how to select elements with jQuery, limit the search, and filter the results. Then he shows us how to start changing the css using jQuery, even including function chaining I interrupt him with a lot of questions (as always) but it’s a terrific episode that was really fun. You can find the full written tutorial at….

mp3 download

Activity Tracking is Really Improved with watchOS 3 and iOS 10

Activity sharingI entitled this segment “Activity Tracking is Really Improved with watchOS 3 and iOS 10” but I’ll leave it up to you whether are all are of these are truly improvements.

Activity Sharing

One of the reasons that Fitbit has been so successful has been because of the ability to share your activity with your friends. Peer pressure or encouragement, whichever works for you, you get it from sharing exercise with your friends. When I left Fitbit for the Apple Watch, I really missed smack talking with my friends on Fitbit. Now, with IOS 10 and watchOS 3, activity sharing has come to the Apple Watch.

On the iPhone, in the Activity app, tap the Sharing button on the bottom. Next you’ll see a plus button in the upper right where you can add friends. It only lists those in your contacts list who have Apple Watch’s. If you try to add someone who has an iPhone but no Apple Watch, it will tell you that you cannot share activity with them. That seems kind of shortsighted to me since many people track their activity with the phone. Maybe they’ll explain that later.

Sharing with someone causes several things. The coolest part is that in the Sharing tab on Activity you can see their active calories burned against their goals. The list isn’t sorted by the most calories burned, it’s by percentage of each person’s goal. I think that’s actually a better way to do it, otherwise I’d have no friends at all! Read More