Allison Sheridan started podcasting in May of 2005, just 7 months after podcasting was invented, and her primary show, the NosillaCast has come out every week without missing an episode since late 2005. She now produces Chit Chat Across the Pond as a separate podcast that is also released weekly. NosillaCast and Chit Chat Across the Pond audio content and associated blog posts are created and edited by Allison.

Allison has a Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA with an emphasis in Kinematics. Her love of technology really took off when she and her husband Steve bought a 512K Mac in 1984.

During industry events such as NAB, CES, Macworld, CSUN’s Assistive Technology Conference, and Mac Mania Cruises, Allison conducts interviews and presentations while NosillaCast videographer Steve Sheridan records, edits and produces them. Associated blog posts and social media presence are also managed by Steve.

Her partner in crime on many of the shows is Bart Busschots who co-hosts Chit Chat Across the Pond every other week. He brings the propeller-beanie style episodes with his series Taming the Terminal and Programming By Stealth. Bart is a well informed, engaging instructor and he keeps detailed tutorial show notes over at bartbusschots.ie.

In addition to hosting her own shows, Allison has been a guest on MacBreak Weekly, Daily Tech News Show, Clockwise, Cordkillers, SMR Podcast, Tech’s Message, Ritual Misery and The Productive Woman Podcast.

She also creates video tutorials for ScreenCasts Online and is a freelance writer for ScreenCasts Online Magazine. She’s been a speaker on the Mac Geek Cruise, Macworld, BlogWorld & New Media Expo, Macstock, and at many Southern California Mac User Groups.

Allison dedicates a considerable amount of her time to learning and talking about assistive technologies, especially for the blind. In her spare time she exercises like a demon.

Without the support of Steve, none of this would be possible. If you’d like to learn more about Steve, go to About Steve

Email: [email protected]
Mastodon: @chaos.social@podfeet
Twitter: @podfeet

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  1. Sam - August 16, 2017

    Thanks a TON for your post on how to access voicemails from icloud backups. We switched phone carriers and discovered to our horror that all voicemails are gone. My wife was very distressed as she had a few saved voicemails from her late mom. However, since we had a recent backup of her phone (when she upgraded to a new device) we were able to retrieve them. THANKS, THANKS THANKS!!!!!!

  2. Patricia - December 17, 2017

    Allison, I was having a hard time printing the address labels for my Christmas cards this year. My dear husband Brian suggested that I look it up on your website. Thank you for walking me through it. Your tutorial was a life saver!

  3. Jonathan Weinman - February 6, 2018

    Hi Allison,
    Dumb question time!

    I got AirPods for my birthday in November and I quickly discovered that they stutter when walking about in the world i.e. walking Hector the Jack Russell terrier (cutest dog ever), but not in my house. I was listening to podcasts so I tried a different podcast app, but the problem persisted. I thought about what is different about being outside vs. inside my house. In my neighborhood the houses are close together, with some closer than others. When I was between houses with increased distance between them the stuttering stopped; when the houses were closer together the stuttering increased. So I thought “what would Allison do?”, then started playing with settings. I closed all apps but the podcast app; no luck. I played around with various first level settings and discovered that if I turn off WiFi the stuttering stops. But this only relieves the symptoms without curing the problem. I turned off the WiFi setting for asking to join available WiFi networks when I’m in their range, then turned WiFi on again, but problem returned. So it seem as though the WiFi is trying to talk to all the neighborhood routers and that process is interfering with the Bluetooth.

    I’ll add that when WiFi is off the Bluetooth range is exceptional, and the AirPods connect flawlessly to all my devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac). I love these things!

    Finally the dumb question(s) – what do I do now? Have you had this problem? Can you think of a fix?

    Thanks for time and effort with the podcasts.

  4. Allison Sheridan - February 6, 2018

    What an interesting place to leave a question, Jonathan. It caught my attention though! You’ve done some great diagnostics here and tested some things I wouldn’t have thought to try. The two things left are, if at all possible, to try the AirPods with another phone/iPad. That would eliminate the phone as the root cause. I think more likely though, something is wrong with the AirPods themselves. I have zero breakups/pauses with mine indoors, outdoors, everywhere. The only time I got them to do anything weird was when I hugged Steve while he was wearing his Jabra Elite Sports Headphones, which are also Bluetooth and when our heads got next to each other, the four earpieces did a little audio dance for us! I’d take the AirPods back to Apple if you can’t get them to behave. Thank you so much for the kind words about the show!

  5. The raspi & Aurduino guy. - February 6, 2018

    Yes, call Apple Care! Allison would agree! She already has, in fact!

  6. Anonymous - February 8, 2018

    Thank you for your suggestion; I’ll try them with my wife’s iphone.
    BTW, where is the best place to leave a dumb question?

  7. Allison Sheridan - February 8, 2018

    Most people use old fashioned email: [email protected], but this worked!

  8. Anonymous - November 21, 2018

    Just wanted to let you know that the blog post on creating address labels from the Mac Address book continues to be my go-to every holiday season..and it’s the best one I’ve found so far. It actually makes sense and has screenshots, etc., that are helpful. Even though it still takes me several hours to clean up the list each year, your post still saves me hours of frustration!

  9. podfeet - November 22, 2018

    You made my day! I use it every year too! Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely note.

  10. Nicholas Marinaccio - February 9, 2019

    I have followed all directions on how to duplicate a dvd on macOS sierra. But when i try to play them back on my dvd player it is not playing.

  11. Dave - November 19, 2020


    Thank you so very much!! This tutorial was super useful to me. I really appreciate that you made it! It seemed like there just HAD to be a way to change the compression settings, rather than having to use an online converter where my pdf would be scanned with my personal data. And sure enough, there is a way, and you showed the steps so clearly. Thank you thank you thank you!

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