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Past Episodes

NC #576 Ricoh Theta S Update, HiDPI Images & Trig, FoxFury Lighting, Audio-Technica AT2020USBi Mic

Turns out the Theta S software works great on the iPhone, IF you have the right version. We’ll have a nice Trigonometry lesson as I try to explain what interpolation means and why you might care about it if you’re editing images. We have an interview with FoxFury Lighting and Audio-Technica from NAB.

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Two-Factor Authentication – Not as Painless as I’d Hoped

Google auth codes over and over again in MessagesLast week on Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart worked me over yet again that I should do two-factor authentication on my email accounts. I whined a lot as I’m sure you heard. Some of you were thinking, “Oh Allison, quit your whining. It’s not THAT hard and it’s totally worth it because you’re protecting the crown jewels.” On the other hand, there were those of you who were saying, “It sounds really hard to me too!”

When we were talking about it, I compared it to how things were in the old days when the subject was doing backups. We all knew it was smart to do backups, but it was a nightmare to do it in an automated way. Until it got so easy all you did was plug in a hard drive, many of us procrastinated on doing what was right for a long time.

The same thing happened with passwords. We knew we should use good ones, but it was too hard to remember them. We waited until LastPass and 1Password came along and made it easy enough that we realized it was simpler to use a password manager than to do it ourselves. Only then did we become more secure.
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CCATP #439 Antonio Rosario on Photo Processing

Antonio Rosario of the Switch to Manual Podcast at… joins us again to answer some of my photo processing questions. He tries to explain to me the difference between a filter and an adjustment in programs like Photoshop and Affinity Photo (and I think he succeeds), we talk about how to avoid falling into the pitfall of having your camera set up all wrong from a previous shoot, and what a light meter is and why you might want to use one. You can find Antonio on Twitter, Flickr, Google Plus and Instagram as @amrosario and on Facebook at

[Note: I say the wrong episode number at the beginning!]

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HiDPI Images or “Fun With Trigonometry”

Export affinity photo showing 2x and 3xThis week I was in the process of ordering a metal print of one of my turtle photos from my vacation. The instigator of this is photographer Mark from Twin Lakes Images, the artist formerly known as Switcher Mark. He’s a big believer in printing photographs and he convinced me this would be fun.

Printing the photo meant making a lot of decisions, including not just the medium (I wanted to try metallic because it looked cool in a gallery I visited recently) but also the size and proportion of the print.

While this photo was taken on a GoPro and was a 10MP image, the resolution was a bit low for the size print I wanted to do. In Affinity Photo in the Export Persona (they call the different modules personas for some reason) they have options for 1x, 2x, and 3x. Mark and I inferred that the latter two buttons would up-sample the image. Up-sampling an image means to add pixels to an image.

I suggested that this was fake, cheating, misleading or at the very best silly, because the pixels don’t exist so the software has to make them up. I told Mark that the software would have to interpolate to figure out where those extra pixels were supposed to be. (At the end of this story I’ll tell you that I figured out it’s not interpolation but we can’t get there yet!) Read More

NC #575 11 Year Anniversary, EasilyDo Email, Ricoh Theta S 360, Security Bits

Happy anniversaryHappy 11th anniversary to the NosillaCast! You can listen to the first show that aired on Sunday May 15, 2005. I’ll tell you about EasilyDo Email which might just make your life easier, and then I have a review of the new Ricoh Theta S 360 degree camera. Bart is back with Security Bits (spoiler: there’s updates to everything!)

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Ricoh Theta S “360” Camera Review

Theta first photoSteve loves photography and videography, having a barrel of fun with his iPhone 6s and his GoPro Hero 3. The GoPro’s ultra wide angle lets him take selfies with a lot of people in the photo. One of his favorite photos (which has been Lindsay’s cover photo for ages) is one of his entire family, 22 of us, all in one shot. That’s really hard to get with any other kind of camera. He also gets phenomenal shots of scenery with his GoPro, often with the two of us in the close foreground. Landscape photography alone can be a bit boring and selfies alone get overdone, but a combination can be a nice change.

There’s only one thing cooler than an ultra wide photo from a GoPro, and that’s the new 360 degree photos and videos you can get with specialized cameras. Before we go too far, I want to acknowledge that “360 degree” isn’t technically correct, because in reality these photos are 4π steradians. Degrees (or radians) only describe one dimension, you need 4π steradians to describe all directions at once. But for the purpose of not sounding like the nerd ball I am, I will use the conventional 360 term. Know that it bugs me every time I say it though.

Alex Lindsay on MacBreak Weekly bought a 360 camera called the Ricoh Theta S and used it to take a photo of 30 of his relatives at his father’s 90th birthday party. He put the camera in the middle of the table and had everyone gather in a circle. It’s so cool! I knew that Steve would love one of these. Luckily Father’s day is coming up soon so I bought one for him early and couldn’t wait to give it to him. The Ricoh Theta S is $350 on Amazon right now, so think GoPro pricing.
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EasilyDo Email for IOS and Android Might Make Your Life Easier

subscriptionsWhen I was working, triaging my email to make sure I didn’t miss important stuff was a critical part of my day. Now that I’m a full time layabout with a podcast for entertainment, my emails are less of a problem. Because of that I haven’t ever investigated the high end email tools for power users.

But even the most casual user has problems to be solved in email. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t believe the Apple’s Mail app for iOS could stand some improvements. The free app entitled simply Email from EasilyDo might be something that makes you happy and if you’re on Android they have an app for you too. I went into this without a particular problem to be solved and found myself delighted with EasilyDo Email.

I’m going to start with the downside, EasilyDo Email is only available for the iPhone/iPod Touch, not for the iPad. I like it enough that I want it at least on my iPad.

Like others, I’ve become frustrated with Apple Mail on iOS for a couple of reasons. It is really slow to fetch email and search has become almost unusable. Do you get tons of emails from companies you did business with in some way but they decided to put you on their email newsletter list? Let’s take a look at EasilyDo Email and see what it can do.
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CCATP #438 – Programming by Stealth – 14 of x JavaScript Loops & Arrays

PBS LogoWe’re back to Programming By Stealth with Bart Busschots where he explains how to create Arrays in Javascript and how to use “while” and “for” to create loops to access the information in Arrays. It’s a little bit of a propeller beanie episode but we powered through till I got it!

And as always, here’s a link to Bart’s terrific tutorial for the episode:….

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NAB 2016: Audio-Technica AT2020USBi Microphone

Allison interviews Gary Boss from Audio-Technica about their new AT2020USBi cardioid condenser USB microphone. This mic is perfect for home studio recording, field recording, podcasting and voiceover use. It works with both USB and Lightning cables (included), so you can use it straight from the box to digitally capture audio on a PC, Mac or lightning equipped iOS device. The setting is the NAB 2016 show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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NC #574 Saving DTNS, Ikan Smartphone Gimbal, Affinity Photo Part 1

I’m back from vacation, and so thankful to Bart and Allister for taking care of the show while I was gone. This week we’ll talk about how Steve and I saved the Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt and the price he had to pay for our help, we’ll hear an interview from NAB 2016 with Ikan about their Smartphone gimbal, and I’ll give you part one of my Affinity Photo review. This is an application that’s so huge and powerful for only $50 that I had to split it in two. This week is all about how to use the Affinity Extensions and next time we’ll talk about all of the advanced features you get with the standalone application.

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