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Past Episodes

NAB 2016: FoxFury Lighting Solutions

Allison interviews Thomas (Ozzie) Osborne from FoxFury about their new high end lighting solutions for consumer and industrial use. Ozzie demonstrated three lighting systems for different applications. The Command 20 Fire is a helmet mounted head lamp that uses AA batteries and provides up to 72 lumens for up to 12 hours. The Nomad NOW is a rechargeable portable area-spot light that swivels and provides up to 2,500 lumens for up to 24 hours. Finally the Nomad Prime is a rechargeable portable area-spot light that extends vertically to 8 ft and provides up 4,000 lumens for up to 24 hours. The setting is the ShowStoppers show floor in the Wynn Hotel.

Learn more at

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NC #573 BitTorrent Sync, Enigmo, Making Fire, Remote File Access with myDrobo and DroboAccess, Beurer GS485 Digital Glass Scale

Allister here standing in for Allison this week. I’ll tell you how I solved my OS X network drive problems. Then Dorothy, aka MacLurker, reviews the iOS game Enigmo. Next, inspired by Allison, I encourage you to play with fire. We hear from Drobo about their new myDrobo and DroboAccess services from the NAB conference. And finally, I review the Beurer GS485 digital scale.

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CCATP #436 Allister Jenks and Julie Kuehl Talk WordPress

Allister Jenks hosts Julie Kuehl to talk about WordPress – the web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We discuss what it is, what it isn’t, the two key variations of WordPress, how simple and yet powerful and flexible it is, and how it is both a free, open source project, and also a basis for commercial services and products. We also talk at length about the WordPress community and how they helped Julie take a big step in her professional life.

You can sign up for a account to have it all done for you or download it for your own web host at

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Beurer GS485 Digital Glass Scale

Allister here again, standing in one more time for Allison.

When iOS 8 was launched and included HealthKit, I could immediately see the benefits of keeping health data in one prescribed place. Given how much information I already trust Apple with, it seemed like a no brainer. Read More

Make Your Own Fire

Allister here, still standing in for Allison.

About a month ago, Allison wrote a blog post entitled “I have made fire!” which briefly chronicled how she had imagined a change she wanted to make to a scripted, automated backup of the server and how she made that change all by herself, using knowledge gained in the last few years from Bart’s teachings on Chit Chat Across The Pond.

The final sentence in that post was this.

I know this is a silly little example, but it makes me so very happy to have been able to do such a simple little procedure, ALL BY MYSELF.

I agree, it is a silly little example. But I also know how happy it made Allison because I’ve been hooked on that feeling for over 30 years. If you’re listening to this podcast, there’s a reasonable chance you have an interest in technology, but how deep does your interest go? Read More

Guest Review of Enigmo by DorothyR

Enigmo iconBefore my husband and I head out on a new cruise, I like to find some new games for my iPad to while away the hours between ports.

This year I found an intriguing game called Enigmo from Pangea Software. There’s also a sequel Enigmo 2. Both priced at $1.99 from iTunes.

Quoting from the manual:

Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where the goal is to use the various puzzle pieces to direct droplets into their containers. The faster that the containers are filled, the more bonus points you get. There are three types of liquids in the game: Water, Oil, and Lava. There is a specific container for each. Once you have sent at least 40 droplets into each container, then you have completed that level. Read More

Network Not Work! How I Solved My File Sharing Problem With BitTorrent Sync

Allister here, taking my turn to stand in for the vacationing Allison.

network-volume-mac-iconI’m a huge supporter of the OS X operating system and often try to gently drop hints to those second class citizens we call Windows users about how great we have it. But in the interests of objectivity, I do always admit there are flaws. One of the biggest flaws I warn people about is how OS X handles network volumes. That is, drives on another Mac, connected to a router like an Airport Extreme, or on a dedicated Network Attached Storage, or NAS, device.

My wife and I run a small business and one of my roles is creating assets in the form of PDF documents and images. My wife uses the images online and the prints the PDFs to create our products. So the problem to be solved is how can I create and maintain these assets on my Mac while giving my wife access from her Mac to use them as needed? Read More

NC #572 Apple did not Admit to Planned Obsolescence, PRC & Hardcore History

This show is guest-hosted by Bart Busschots. The show starts with a little rant about how Apple did not accidentally admit to practicing Planned Obsolescence, no matter what the tabloid press (or Irish radio) say. Allison teleports in from the past with an interview with PRC from CES 2016, Bart recommends the Hardcore History podcast, and finally, Bart does a solo Security Bits.

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CCATP #435 How to Secure Your Internet of Things

Network showing 3 routers as describedBart Busschots did a talk for the Connecticut Macintosh Connection (aka CTMac) at a few weeks ago where he explained how the Internet of Things can be a concern for the security of your home network. Of course he didn’t stop there, he sent on to explain how for a fairly small amount of money, you can keep yourself secure.

Bart and I decided this would make a terrific topic for Chit Chat Across the Pond. He produced a 67 chart Keynote that we do NOT go through in its entirety, in fact we skip the middle 40 or so pages, but they’re there if you have in depth questions about how anything he discusses.

If you want to follow along with the slides, you can do that here:….

mp3 download

Not to spoil the punchline but Read More

Hardcore History – A Podcast Recommendation

Bart again back with another guest post while Allison is away.

I want to share a podcast recommendation with you. Well – I say podcast – the content is delivered as a podcast, but it’s anything but a typical podcast actually. The content is meticulously scripted, performed, and produced, making it more like a collection of high quality audio books than a podcast. The schedule is also very atypical – a three to four hour show about four times a year. Some of the topics covered stretch over multiple shows, so they can build into 15 or even 18 hour epics – a meticulously produced 18 hour story with a well defined beginning, middle, and end – that really is an audio book IMO.

The show is called Hardcore History, and the brains behind it is Dan Carlin – a self-professed ‘history fan’. Dan is quick to point out that he is not an academic historian. He does not do original research – instead, he reads as much of the work put out by academic historians as he can, and then builds all that knowledge into a compelling story. The magic ingredient in my opinion is Dan’s ability to teleport you into the past. It’s not just a bunch of stuff that happened, it’s fully rounded human beings living in a fully colourised world having to make tough decisions. Dan spends a lot of time and effort trying to get into the minds of ancient peoples – trying to understand what made them tick, and hence, understand why they did what they did, why they reacted to situations in the way they did, etc.. Another very important part of what makes Hardcore History work is Dan’s understanding of the importance of context. Dan tends to start a new topic by going back in time to before the story he wants to tell so we can understand the world in which the action starts, and then watch that world transform as the events unfold. A story generally ends by projecting forward, contrasting the word before with the world after.
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