About Steve

Grey-bearded Steve with a baseball hat and his dog Tesla with her tongue out - both in the sun at a park
Steve and Tesla the Wonder Dog

Steve Sheridan received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Irvine and his Master’s in Electrical Engineering from USC. He started working for Hughes while attending college and continued to work for the company which later transitioned to Raytheon. His initial assignments were in Systems Engineering and later he worked as a Program Manager and Director for airborne radar and electro-optical systems. Steve retired from Raytheon in 2013 after working there for his 35-year career.

Currently, Steve supports Allison’s NosillaCast podcast as the behind-the-scenes producer of her streaming live show as well as the videographer and video editor for her interviews. His interests are in technology, space, physics, quadcopter flying, video production and editing. He enjoys yard work, jogging, bicycling, and working out. Steve’s greatest joys are spending time with Allison and his children and grandchildren as well as traveling and learning about other countries and their people, cultures, foods, and sights.

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