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You can watch the NosillaCast being created live at 5:00 pm Pacific Time every Sunday right from this page. Below if the show is live, you’ll see the video, and you can join in the live chat. If the show is not live, you can watch a recording of the previous live show. To then get to the live show, just refresh the page as the show goes live shortly before 5:00pm.

Watch this clock to see when it’s 5pm at Allison’s house:

Live Discord Chat Room:

Create a Login and Download the Discord app or iOS, macOS, Windows, Android or Linux
Or just type in a username of your choosing to enter without an account

Another way to get the audio stream from a computer or smartphone (without chat or video), is to use this link:

Click here to Listen with a screen reader

Magic Decoder Ring of NosillaCastaways Names

Here’s a Google doc of a Magic Decoder Ring of people’s chat room names to real names – feel free to edit: NosillaCastaways Magic Decoder Ring.


If you want to be SURE you catch the show, COPY the link below – DON’T CLICK ON IT or it won’t work. Open your calendar application, and choose subscribe. Paste in the URL, and you’ll be kept up to date on any changes to the time!

Live Show Setup

If you want to see a diagram of what I’m doing in the background, here’s my current Live Show Setup

Notes for Al, Steve and Bart:
for Colloquy to allow links, type

    /mode #nosillacast -U.

To set Nicks tell the user to type

    /nick then a space, then the name they want
    example: /nick steve

To set a topic for the session type


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