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Past Episodes

How to Set Up Signed and Encrypted Email

In Episode 412 of the NosillaCast on 31 March 2013, Bart walked us through how to set up signed and encrypted email on on the Mac, and also on iOS. Below are three Clarify Tutorials designed to give you the step by step instructions. Bart and I worked on this together, and we decided breaking this up into three separated tutorials made sense.

First we’ll teach you first how to obtain a certificate and generate a private key and then send signed and encrypted email from

How to Set Up Encrypted and Signed Email in Apple Mail

You can stop there, but if you want to use a second Mac to send email or use a different email client, or even iOS, you’ll need to know how to export your certificate:

How to Export Your Certificate and Private Key

Finally if you want to read encrypted email, and sign your emails, you’ll need the last tutorial. Unfortunately, iOS isn’t at all easy to maintain for actually sending emails encrypted, but you’ll still be able to send them:

How to Read Encrypted and Send Signed Emails on iOS