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Allison in the dining room doing a recordingWhere to start? I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world named Steve (he helped me write this). We’ve been married for 28 years as of 2011 and we have two children. Lindsay is working at a biotech company and Kyle is in college. My great hobby is playing on computers, more specifically Macintoshes. Our current fleet is a MacBook Pro and an iPad (mine), my husband has an iMac for video editing (his hobby) and a MacBook Air (for email, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter), a MacBook each for Kyle and Lindsay. We keep a G5 tower around for video transcoding in the background. Don’t even get me started on the iPhones and iPods!

I love to wax cars (really) and have been known to wax complete stranger’s cars. They weren’t strangers afterwards! I’m not sure where this obsession comes from – somehow turning a faded older car into a gleaming, smooth beauty makes me very happy. Something about reversing entropy comes to mind.

I’m an exercise maniac – I work out around 7 days a week. Jogging on the beach is my favorite method, but I run and do the eliptical crosstrainer and weights at the gym, all while watching video tech podcasts on my iPad.

My car has a spectacular stereo, Dolby 5.1, DVD-Audio sound, but all I listen to are podcasts from my iPod! I don’t listen to ANY music, believe it or not, just doesn’t interest me. Yes, I know that makes me a mutant, and No, please don’t send me music you think would change my mind. Better people have tried and failed miserably.

My podcast is dedicated to my brother Kelly who believed I could do anything and who called me funny names. It’s also dedicated to my friend Eric who called me Nosilla (it’s Allison spelled backwards if you’ve been wondering).

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