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You can watch the NosillaCast being created live at 5:00 pm Pacific Time every Sunday right from this page. In the embedded video below a few minutes before showtime, you’ll see the NosillaCast Live logo overlayed with a large analog clock. Then at 5:00 pm you’ll see the live video feed of Allison producing the podcast. If the show is not live, you can watch a recording of the previous live show. To then get to the live show, just refresh the page as the show goes live shortly before 5:00 pm.

If you want to have even more fun, click the Discord button in the bottom right to join our Discord server so you can chat with all of the other lovely NosillaCastaways while you watch the video.

Watch this clock to see when it’s 5pm at Allison’s house:

Live Discord Chat Room:

Create a Login and Download the Discord app for iOS, macOS, Windows, Android or Linux. When you’ve installed the app, go to this Discord link for the NosillaCast Chat server. If you’d rather use the embedded client here, just type in a username of your choosing to enter without an account. You’ll be able to chat and listen to the live show, all inside Discord. If you have cross-site tracking disabled in your browser, this embedded plugin won’t work, which is another reason you might want to run the native app instead.

Where did the live chat go?

Click the Discord button Discord Icon in the bottom right of the window for the new floating version!


If you want to be SURE you catch the show, COPY the link below – DON’T CLICK ON IT or it won’t work. Open your calendar application, and choose Subscribe. Paste in the URL, and you’ll be kept up to date on any changes to the time!

Live Show Setup

If you want to see a diagram of what I’m doing in the background, here’s NEW AND IMPROVED documentation of my Live Show Setup

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