Doodle Simplifies Scheduling

Doodle is a freemium service that makes scheduling a group of people easy instead of dreadful.  Doodle is available at

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Doodle to schedule an event.

Schedule an Event

Enter a Title, Location, Description and Your Information

Select Potential Days from the Calendar View

Enter Potential Tims and Switch on Time-Zone Support

This is critical if anyone is in a different time zone from you!

Note Time-Zone support is Now On

Don’t Do a Basic Poll, Choose Settings Instead

You want people to be able to select "if need be" along with yes or no, or you’ll never find a single time for everyone to meet.

Set the Options You Want

I Choose to Send the Invitation

If you let Doodle send the invite, people may think it’s spam.  They may think you’re spam but that’s another problem.

Doodle: Poll created

At this point I copy that link and send it to people directly via my email tool of choice.

Email You Will Receive

Doodle sends you this nice link that lets you manage the poll as well, so don’t delete this.  You will get notifications when people fill out the poll.

View the Attendees See

When they follow your link, they enter their name, and then click either yes, no, or (yes) which means if need be.  I go in right away and enter my own preferences. I’m smart enough normally to only offer times when I can go, so it’s unlikely you’d see pink and yellow like this.

When people are done entering their times, you’ll hopefully see a few green columns, or worst case scenario green with few yellows, and now you have the time and date for your event.

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