How To Disable Java in Chrome

Quick tutorial on how to disable java on Google’s Chrome browser for the Mac.

Open Preferences


In the menu bar, select Chrome and pull down to Preferences.

Under the Hood


In Preferences select Show Advanced Settings…

Content Settings


Scroll down to Privacy and click Content Settings…

Scroll Down to see Plug-ins


Click Disable individual plug-ins…

Disable Java


Click the Disable link under Java


* Note: Craig Reynolds pointed out that in the future you can get to the plugins page faster by simply typing in the URL bar:


12 thoughts on “How To Disable Java in Chrome

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  5. MIKE TUELL - February 28, 2019

    Your instructions fail to match my Chrome menus = Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit).
    My Preferences menu does have “Advanced” listings. It does have Content Settings, with (22) listings like Cookies, JaveScript, Flash…
    but NO list for “Plug-ins”. No PLUG-IN menu, at all.
    I opened and looked at each of the 22 listings and most of them have no added sites either to
    “block” or to “allow”. When my computer repair guy heard that I was tired of seeing my Java update pop onscreen every hour, he said the best idea was to simply update it. Upon researching the pos/neg aspects of Java, I feel good about Java except for allowing it to be used as a plug-in in my browser. Having now loaded my newest Java app, I wish I could find and turn off the Java plug-in in my Chrome!

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