How to Uninstall VPN Server on Mac

If you’ve installed a VPN server on your Mac using Donald Burr’s most awesome instructions but for some reason want to uninstall the server, here’s an uninstall script along with text-based instructions from Donald:

Download the script here:

Find the place where you downloaded the script (probably in your Downloads folder), keep a finder window open and off to the side. Open a Terminal window, and type:

chmod [space] +x [space]

DO NOT press return yet. In the Finder window, drag the script into the Terminal window, it should insert its path in the command line you are currently typing. Then press return.

Finally type this:

bash [space]

Again DO NOT press return, but drag+drop the script from Finder into the terminal, then press return. The script should run now. When it’s finished reboot your machine.

3 thoughts on “How to Uninstall VPN Server on Mac

  1. Ben - May 30, 2020

    Hi Can you please post an updated uninstall link. The dropbox link has expired.

  2. Harold Burton - May 31, 2021

    I am going to China (Shanghai, Sichuan, Yunnan provinces) for the month of July. I have a Windows laptop and an iPhone I want connections on, and I really only want to be able to access Gmail and some mobile apps like Facebook and Snapchat. I would like the cheapest one since it’s only for a month, so I was thinking of PureVPN. What’s your input? (I’m totally clueless when it comes to this stuff

  3. Allison Sheridan - May 31, 2021

    Hi Harold, sounds like a fun trip. I think your best bet is to talk to someone who lives in China or has recently traveled to the area you’re about to visit. My understanding is that China blocks just about everything fun, and there is an active game of whackamole going on between VPNs and the Chinese government. The one piece of advice I know is correct, is do not look for the cheapest VPN. It costs money to run VPN servers and looking for the cheapest option could be dangerous.

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