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The NosillaCast is a Technology Geek Podcast with an EVER so Slight Macintosh Bias, produced as a weekly audio podcast, a weekly live video show, along with blog posts published regularly throughout the week. Chit Chat Across the Pond is a weekly interview show of general interest to technologists. Subjects covered in both shows include photography, videography, science, gadgets, space exploration, audio, and software applications in support of these technologies.

All NosillaCast audio content and associated blog posts are created and edited by Allison Sheridan.

During industry events such as NAB, CES, Macworld, New Media Expo, Mac Mania Cruises, interviews and presentations are conducted by Allison Sheridan and recorded/edited/produced by NosillaCast videographer Steve Sheridan. Associated blog posts and social media presence also managed by Steve Sheridan.