#345 Piezo for Skype, Security Advice, iOS Shortcuts, DiscLabel, Night Before Christmas, Higgs Boson

Revisiting Piezo from Rogue Amoeba since their update now allows recording of Skype calls. Update on my trials and tribulations learning VoiceOver for Blindfolded! at Macworld | iWorld. Rose challenges us to find the WORST jokes in our Christmas Crackers. Robert Harper gives a Clarify testimonial, and George from Tulsa walks us through his security […]

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#343 Stylus Wars, AppsGoneFree, AppleScript Fun, CronniX, iCloud Encryption, Griffin Auto Adapter, UPS Lessons, Address Book Sync in iCloud, Christmas Star

Stylus Wars brings us the AmazonBasics Stylus. Shai Yammanee brings us an AppsGoneFree review. Dorothy (aka @MacLurker) writes some wicked backup scripts for me and we use CronniX from code.google.com/p/cronnix/ to schedule them. In Dumb Question Corner Horse asks whether iCloud encrypts your data (yes, see the Apple Support Article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4865). Rod Simmons of the […]

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