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Security Bits — 16 August 2020

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Deep Dive — 🧯’Unpatchable’ Secure Enclave Vulnerability

Security Researchers claim to have found a vulnerability in older versions of Apple’s Secure Enclave. The problem is in code that’s effectively burned into the secure enclave chip, making it impossible to patch via a software update.

The researchers revealed very little information, but based on what we do know it seems this is nowhere near as big of a deal as it sounds like. Why? Because the bug can only be exploited at boot-time, so it requires physical access to the device, and, it has already been fixed in the newer A12 and A13 chips, so only older devices are affected.

In short, unless you’re important enough to be the target of a very sophisticated attack, and yet, run an old phone, and, have lost physically control of it, you’re not at risk.

If you are important enough to be a target, and you’re using an older device, you have have a simple solution at your disposal — get a newer iPhone 🙂

More Details: Security Enclave vulnerability seems scary, but won’t affect most iPhone users —…

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  • 📊 The Periodic Table like you’ve never seen it before, colour-coded to show how the element was created (Big Bang, Supernova etc.) — […](
    • A semi-accessible SVG version of the Periodic Table…. I say semi-accessible because you have to interpret how VoiceOver reads out element symbols. Helium for example sounds just like He, which is how it’s spelled.
  • ❣️ Breaking News: Macmillan Dictionary now includes over 50 emoji, carefully selected by lexicographer
    @janesolomon: Emoji in MacMillon Dictionary


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Emoji Meaning
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A call to action.
flag The story is particularly relevant to people living in a specific country, or, the organisation the story is about is affiliated with the government of a specific country.
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🧯 A story that has been over-hyped in the media, or, “no need to light your hair on fire” 🙂
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