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Security Bits — 25 June 2023

Feedback & Followups

  • Thanks to the iOS 17 & macOS Sonoma Betas we now know more about how password sharing in iCloud Keychain will work —… (iOS) &… (macOS)
    • Everyone needs to have an iCloud account with iCloud keychain enabled
    • Everyone will need to be on the latest OSes
    • The creator of the group will invite others to join it via an invite link, and they’ll need to accept that invite to join the group

❗ Action Alerts

Worthy Warnings

  • 🇨🇦 UPS is warning Canadian users that a bug in their online tracking tool was leaking phone numbers and that attackers are using these leaked numbers to actively target users with SMS-based phishing (Smishing) attacks that include correct recent shipment details —…

Notable News

  • The W3C has published the new Secure Payments Confirmation (SPC) specification as a Candidate Recommendation, a major milestone to becoming a standard. When implemented, this will allow browsers to use FIDO standards to cryptographically verify user consent to online card payments, closing off a commonly used avenue for fraud — […]( &…
  • With its latest OS betas, Apple has started testing Passkeys for logging in to Apple websites —…
  • Save and sign in with passkeys in your browser (beta) | 1Password…

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