iOS 11 Settings Mind Map as of November 2017

This mind map was created in an attempt to capture ALL of the settings in iOS 11 as of November 2017. There are probably typos and even omissions, and I’d appreciate feedback on them at [email protected]. Note that I will not be updating this as Apple makes changes!

For a complete explanation of how I did this and why, please see this blog post: iOS 11 Settings – I Mind Mapped Them All

IOS 11 Settings all on one page thumbnailThe mind map you see to the left here was created in iThoughts from Toketaware. If you click on this image, you can zoom in on any section to see it in its full glory. It’s not a very practical way to find anything but it’s amazing, isn’t it?

Personally, I’m finding the Markdown version the most useful because I can search it right from the link below in my web browser. I’ve included several other formats for your downloading enjoyment:

  • Comedically Large PNG Exploded Version
  • Full Mind Map in iThoughts Format in Dropbox
  • Markdown Version
  • OPML Outline Format (right click to download if it opens in browser)
  • MindNode Format
  • Freemind Format (right click to download if it opens in browser)
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