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NC #656 Chapter Markers x 3, Apple Store Phone Scam, Craig Federighi Answers Steve, Hazel to Yoink, Regex Tools, CardHop

In this action-packed show I tell you the story of adding chapter markers to the NosillaCast in a three part continuation series (hopefully you can see them now?) interspersed with two reviews from Bart. He tells us about how he’s using Hazel now to send things to Yoink and he explains why CardHop makes Contacts useful again. Steve wrote to Craig Federighi and actually got a response and 30 seconds of fame on Apple sites. And we’ve got a PSA about a phone scam using an Apple Store’s real phone number.

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Face ID Security Questions with Bart Busschots

Face id woman illuminated faceThis week when Apple announced Face ID on the iPhone X I think they raised a lot of questions about the security of this technology. In the Mac Geek Gab Facebook group, someone asked an interesting question. They asked whether Face ID would work if someone had one eye that focused straight ahead and the other eye at a different angle.

That got me to thinking, what about blind people who often keep their eyes closed? I pinged Shelly Brisbin, author of the book iOS Access for All to see if she knew anything. She sent me a link to a blog post by Jonathan Mosen on his blog called Mosen Consulting: Face ID Accessibility. Apple offers some answers. Continue reading “Face ID Security Questions with Bart Busschots”

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Bart Busschots Talks Passwords on Daily Tech News Show

I like to post to when I’ve had appearances on other shows, but this week I’m even more excited to tell you that Bart was on Daily Tech News Show this week! He and Tom Merritt had a great rapport as they discussed the latest tech news. The main topic though was passwords, and they spent a bunch of time talking about Bart’s password generator. If you haven’t ever used xkpasswd, it’s a tool Bart created that creates secure, memorable passwords that you can tailor to your needs.

Check out DTNS 3024, which was entitled with a title according to one of’s algorithms: :42^DAILY^TECH^NEWS^SHOW^47::

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