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CMD-D | Masters of Automation with Sal Soghoian

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Sal Soghoian

This week Steve and I attended, and I spoke at the CMD-D Conference, created by Sal Soghoian. Sal was responsible for all Automation at Apple for many years. His team managed AppleScript, Automaton, and Terminal. Pretty much all the coolest stuff at Apple.

I have to tell you I was pretty intimidated about speaking at this conference. I’ll get into that a little bit more in a bit but I want to tell you about the conference and then about my presentation. You know, better story telling that way. Continue reading “CMD-D | Masters of Automation with Sal Soghoian”

CCATP #447 Mike Potter on How to Throw a Tech Conference

Macstock logoIn this week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond we’re joined by Mike Potter of For Mac Eyes Only to talk about what goes into creating a tech conference. We talk about choosing a venue, creating speaker agreements, getting insurance, managing the catering and more. He knows what he’s talking about because he’s about to host the 2nd annual Macstock Conference and Expo outside of Chicago this weekend. Steve and I were supposed to go but since our grandson’s arrival is any day now, we’re going to miss it. However, Mike is going to bring me in on the big screen to do my presentation on why you should consider using Apple Photos. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet to Macstock, go check it out at

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