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DNS Correction

On Chit Chat #533, Bart did a deep dive into how the Domain Name System works and in that session, he suggested a hybrid approach where your mobile devices had the improved DNS along with your home router.

It turns out it’s not possible to set system-wide DNS settings on iOS or Android. This means that the Hybrid Approach we described of setting a third-party DNS on your home router and then also hard-coding it on your mobile devices remains the best advice, but it’s not possible to do on iOS or Android devices. Annoyingly, that means there is no good solution to protect these devices 🙁. Thanks very much to Allister Jenks for drawing our attention to this in our Google Plus Community.


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NC #661 Verizon Credits, No Flash Hack, Security Bits on Meltdown & Spectre

I’ve got a couple of announcements to tell you, then a listener story from David Bogdan from Japan, and one from Denise Crown. At that point, I’m going to hand you over to Bart and me in Security Bits because there was so much to talk about with so many big stories. We’ll talk about password managers being used as trackers, the IOHIDeous vulnerability, and then spend a lot of time learning the truth (as of now) about the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. It’s a fascinating session and Bart unpacks all of this for us beautifully of course.

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NC #565 Judiciary Hearing FBI vs Apple, Nuke and Pave vs OmniDiskSweeper, Security Bits

I watched the entire five hours of the Judiciary Committee Hearings in the case of the FBI vs. Apple, so you didn’t have to. I think you’ll like what you hear, it’s actually optimistic about our government officials. Next up I’ll tell you how I did not do a nuke and pave, and why you should do what I say, not what I do. Then we’ll have a monster Security Bits with Bart Busschots.

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NC #553 Recovering Hacked WordPress, New & Improved GoDaddy, Smart Keyboard

I’ll tell you the sad but in the end victorious tale of how, with some help from Bart I saved Hank’s History Hour after it got hacked, we’ll hear from my friend Diane when she tries to get Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa to play the NosillaCast. I’ll tell you what I think about the new Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro after about a week and we’ll end with a surprisingly positive report on how GoDaddy came up with a fantastic solution for Hank’s site. Don’t forget to use the Amazon Affiliate link for all your holiday shopping!

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Successful Recovery of a Hacked WordPress Site

logo showing Hank and some European war hatsIn 2007 I was driving my son Kyle and a few of his High School friends to Knott’s Berry Farm, and his friend Hank started telling us a story about Napoleon. I suggested to Hank that he had the wrong audience here, and that his passion for European History would make a terrific podcast. He took my advice, got together with his Advanced Placement (AP) European History teacher and recorded 20 episodes that follow the standardized curriculum in the official AP Euro history book.

I created the podcast and a WordPress site entitled Hank’s History Hour at Since 2007 this podcast has been of enormous help as a study aid for AP Euro students both in the US and in American schools abroad. It’s a funny little site/podcast because it doesn’t have an ever increasing listenership, it has an entirely new audience once a year and only in the month of May right before the AP test.

Hank’s History Hour doesn’t require any maintenance or upkeep because nothing changes other than the wonderful set of new comments that come in each year; kids praising Hank for his awesomeness in helping them pass the test. He gets a lot of marriage proposals too.

I say that it doesn’t require maintenance, and you’ll probably have realized the folly of that statement. According to recent web analytics, WordPress is now powering 23-25% of the websites in the world. And what have we learned happens when something gets super popular? People try to hack it. And hack WordPress they do. Continue reading “Successful Recovery of a Hacked WordPress Site”

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