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Security Bits – Zero-Day on macOS, Facebook Rates User Trustworthiness, Facebook’s VPN Was Tracking Users, Excessive Google Tracking, Teenager Hacks Apple

Followups More speculation-based flaws in Intel Chips (Editorial by Bart: as with other recent Spectre/Meltdown variants, there’s no need for home users to panic, just keep your OSes patched. It’s cloud providers that really need to worry about these flaws.) L1 Terminal Fault AKA L1TF – Intel have released mitigations, and they don’t have significant […]

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#356 CSUN Disability Expo, HP Folio 13, Windows 8 Customer Preview, Apps Gone free, ABiSEee EyePal Reader, Future of OSX

CSUN Persons With Disabilities Expo, Hype 1.5 update to last week’s review from HP Folio 13 Review from compared to the current Macbook Air from Apple. More Windows fun with a first look at Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Knightwise gives us a review of Apps Gone Free from the iTunes store. […]

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