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CCATP #514 – Bart Busschots on PBS 45 – ES6 Arrays & Strings

In this week’s Programming By Stealth, Bart starts by actually giving me credit for leading him to rethink his strategy on the use of const and let. He was nudged along in the strategy by the most awesome Jill.

Then Bart goes on to reveal even more of the joy that is JavaScript ES6. He explains ES6 Arrays, how to loop through Arrays, and in a change that brings a tear to my eye, the simpler way you can now loop over Strings and how concatenation is a thing of the past when building strings. This is truly a joyful show!

As always, Bart’s detailed tutorial is available at…

mp3 download

CCATP #438 – Programming by Stealth – 14 of x JavaScript Loops & Arrays

PBS LogoWe’re back to Programming By Stealth with Bart Busschots where he explains how to create Arrays in Javascript and how to use “while” and “for” to create loops to access the information in Arrays. It’s a little bit of a propeller beanie episode but we powered through till I got it!

And as always, here’s a link to Bart’s terrific tutorial for the episode:….

mp3 download

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