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Setapp Led Me to Cloud Outliner Pro

setapp highlighting cloud outlinerA while back a new app model came out called Setapp from You probably heard about it back then, but to refresh your memory, it’s a subscription service for $10/month that gives you full access to a ton of apps.

At the time, without looking at it myself, I declared it a dumb idea and I didn’t want any part of it. But then I met Mark Fawcett of MacMen at MacStock Expo and he told me he thought it was really cool. I still didn’t look into it. Then Steven Goetz, my research assistant, told me it was cool. But I still didn’t look into it. Continue reading “Setapp Led Me to Cloud Outliner Pro”

NC #581 Tree for Outlines, CotEditor Simple Text Editor, Security Bits with Bart Busschots

I got to ask all my image editor questions of Bart Busschots and Antonio Rosario on Episode 33 of the Let’s Talk Photography podcast at…. For my simple needs, Tree from… for only $12 in the Mac App Store is a fabulous outlining tool. Because of our fabulous community I learned about the amazing free text editor called CotEditor. We’re joined again by Bart Busschots for Security Bits.

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Create Outlines with Lightweight Tree App for OS X

Tree logoI’ve been using iThoughts X, the awesome mind mapping software from… to map out how to attack the video screencasts I do for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online. It really helps me when I’m figuring out my plan of attack to just throw a bunch of disorganized bubbles all over the screen as I think up different things I want to teach about an application.

After it becomes enough of a mess, I start dragging the bubbles around to lump them together and try to make a cohesive story for the tutorial. As I record each bit of the tutorial, I pause and color code the appropriate bubbles to mark them complete and close up the branches so it’s easier to focus.

I thought I had the perfect workflow going until I saw David Sparks talking at Macworld a few years ago explaining his workflow for writing books. Like my process, he starts with a mind map but then he takes an interesting turn. He exports his mind maps using the OPML format (Outline Processor Markup Language) and pulls them into OmniOutliner from…. He even showed how he can round trip his thoughts, exporting again in OPML and back into his mind mapping tool.
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