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CCATP #488 – TTT Part 37 of n – SSH Agents

As promised, Taming the Terminal isn’t over yet! Bart Busschots joins us to talk about SSH Agents. We’ll talk about how Apple changed things in El Capitan so that you’ll have to log into your server with your passphrase more often, and how Bart has a fix for that problem. Bart does a great job of reminding us of what we learned about SSH back in parts 29 and 30 of Taming the Terminal so it’s easier to get back up to speed to follow along. And as always, Bart’s full tutorial is available at….

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Printers are Jerks

Hp d110 printerYou’ve heard me moan and complain about printing before, and I’m sure you have your own horror stories, so let’s face it, printers are jerks.

When last we left our hero, she was complaining that she still couldn’t wirelessly scan and believed that her friend Pat had been dipping into the cooking sherry a little too often when she claimed it was even possible to scan over WiFi. Continue reading “Printers are Jerks”

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CCATP #464 – Bart Busschots – Taming the Terminal on screen and cron

TTT_logo_200px.jpgIt’s been a long time since we did a Taming the Terminal episode but we’re back with episode 36 of n, screen and cron. You’ll hear me say this is episode 35, but with all these numbers flying around we got mixed up!

In any case, in this installment Bart teaches us two unrelated but really cool things you can do with the Terminal in macOS or Linux. The first is cron, a tool that lets you schedule scripts to run at specific times and days. The second is screen, which is a utility that allows you to create a virtual terminal inside your regular terminal. If that sounds head explody (as Bart likes to say), it kind of is, but of course he breaks it down and shows how really clever and useful it is.

You can find Bart’s full detailed tutorial at….

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I Have Made Fire!

Crontab window in editorOver the last 9 years or so, Bart Busschots has been teaching you and me to be geekier and more technical through his session in Chit Chat Across the Pond. First, it was random bits of knowledge but in the last few years he’s gotten much more structured about it, bringing us Taming the Terminal and now Programming By Stealth.

I have to confess (and you may have figured this out on your own), I don’t always understand everything he teaches me. Sometimes I understand in the moment, but when I go to apply what he’s taught me, I’m immediately baffled. Continue reading “I Have Made Fire!”

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