Did the latest podcast episode get cut off?

Listener Ryan alerted me to the fact that the latest episode of the NosillaCast was cut of mid-sentence. I checked my iTunes download, and sure enough, it stopped mid-sentence. i checked my local drive from which I uploaded the file, and it was a couple of minutes longer than the one in iTunes. Hmmm…checked on Libsyn (where I store my podcast episodes and the location from which you download them) and it was the right length there too.

I deleted the entire podcast from my iTunes library and resubscribed, and voila! the entire episode downloaded. No idea why this happened, but at least there’s a workaround if this happened to you!

1 thought on “Did the latest podcast episode get cut off?

  1. Gary, Liverpool - December 13, 2006

    No, it was fine.

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