quick note from Italy

You’re not going to believe this – the villa we rented FIVE MONTHS in advance, including paying a 400 Euro deposit wasn’t actually booked in our name when we got there! the good news is that the new villa is wonderful, BUT it has no internet access!

I’m at my daughter’s apartment in Siena right now just to get on the internet so I can write to you to tell you I won’t be able to post much at all! bummer since I’ve taken over 250 pictures already. Needless to say we’re having a grand time!

3 totally random photos from the trip
– family is yelling at me that they want to go home!

1 thought on “quick note from Italy

  1. Sam - August 8, 2007

    Cheers … thanks for the photos especially bumper to bumper pose. Stay safe and enjoy.

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