#137 jAlbum skins, SafariPlus, Crutchfield, ScreenSteps, Astronomy Software

The Pragmatic Bookshelf and Andy Hunt’s book “Refactor Your Wetware: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning”, Rose and her replica house of Macquarie Island: link to the Australian Antarctic Data Centre’s website. Add new jAlbum skins from jalbum.net/skins, especially ImageFlow. How to manage MacBook Pro heat including monitoring with iStat Menus from islayer.com and Flashblock from flashblock.mozdev.org […]

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#134 EeePC, Check Off, FOSSwiki, Texter, MarsEdit, MacRoundtable

Donald Burr of Otaku No Podcast reviews the EeePC including pictures at gallery.mac.com/donburr. Check Off from checkoffapp.com, FOSSwiki from foss.librarianchick.com. Texter for Windows from lifehacker.com. Honda Bob replaced Kyle’s radio. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart and I make some Twitter corrections and additions including Twhirl from twhirl.org and Twitterfox from naan.net and the […]

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#133 AWSOM PixGallery, Nokia N810, Tooble, Twitter clients

Connor’s rantlet, AWSOM PixGallery for WordPress photo galleries from awsom.org. Michael Gorman’s review of the Nokia N810 Internet tablet: Nokia N810 main page, Specifications Page, OS 2008 Page (operating system for the Nokia N810), Maemo Linux Project page, Wavefinder Page for the Nokia N810. Buffalo tech support rocks from buffalotech.com when they help me diagnose […]

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