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In this week’s episode of Podcasting on Podcasting I give an overview of some of the software tools I use to create the NosillaCast.

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Starting with the least expensive tools to some that cost some money. I start with Audacity from audacity.soureforge.net
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GarageBand if you have a recent Mac:
I explain why I haven’t traditionally done an enhanced podcast, but why I’m doing one now. I don’t go into the details of the settings in GB, that’s for a later show.Then I discuss how I use iTunes to put in my ID3 tags. I talk about the details of the ID3 tags as shown below:
get info window for setting genre and artist
get info window for remember playback position
get info window for artwork
I briefly mention transcoding to mp3 but I don’t discuss how to actually do that (again later).

Next I discuss briefly the advantages of using Wiretap Studio from ambrosiasw.com/utilities/wiretap/
get info window for remember playback position

The Levelator from conversationsnetwork.org

next time: why you need a blog.

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