PoP #005 Agenda, Media Serving, Feed creation, FTP

Have an agenda, how to not lose a housepayment with libsyn.com to host your media files, and Feeder from reinventedsoftware.com to create your podcast feed. Details of how I set Feeder to do tags for iTunes and images to be displayed. FTP client I use is Transmit from panic.com.

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Marco Brandao is planning a Brazilian Mac Podcast and knew he could get the technical details elsewhere but wanted to know how all the pieces fit together.

philosophy – have an agenda! don’t have to type it all out. Have you listened to those rambling podcasts without a point? you can be loose, but not TOO loose.

So you’ve got a mic, you’ve got a recording application, you’ve got leveling software, you’ve got a blog and a hosting plan, what’s next?

Libsyn – you can lose a house payment if you become famous
Deal is unlimited bandwidth but you pay for how much new content you create per month:
$5/month for 100MB of new data per month
$10/month for 250MB
Older stuff doesn’t go away, it just moves to slower servers after a month.
nice statistics on downloads – volume and sources – (55% web, 44% iTunes and 2% other, yes I know that’s 101%)

Create the feed itself (you’ve created content):
Feeder from reinventedsoftware.com. If you’ve listened to my show, Feeder AND Steve Harris rock!
– create shownotes with easy links and imbedding images
– add iTunes tags, images to be displayed, choose from list of sites to ping when a file gets uploaded, etc.
– put images in the shownotes to the way my sidebars are configured


– Feeder will do the upload of the file
– Feeder calculates the attachment size for you and file type because if you do it on your own you’re SURE to mess up!
– I use Feeder whenever I want to create html – great easy editor
– I create both my long shownotes that I cut/paste into the blog as well as the actual feed – the short few lines with the links that go into iTunes and into whatever feed application you use.

FTP client – Transmit from panic.com

Getting great feedback – keep sending it especially if there’s things you’re dying to know and I haven’t gotten to them yet.

2 thoughts on “PoP #005 Agenda, Media Serving, Feed creation, FTP

  1. Marco Brandão - June 27, 2008

    Great show again. You rock!

    I appreciated when you mentioned me, my hart even bitted faster. Silly me? No.

    The Feeder tip is great and I just downloaded to try it out.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Sam - July 5, 2008

    Cheers Allison:

    Excellent how to series! Your energy, production skills and willingness to help others is an inspiration. As you know I chose podbean to host my 1st Windows 2 Apples audio podcast as well as several podcasts produced for our clients. Podbean has essentially unlimited storage and bandwidth. I have been happy with podbean but have opted to use our regular web hosting service to sever up the Video News Windows 2 Apples podcasts. Our hosting service recently announced unlimited storage and unlimited file transfers for less that $7 a month. We have had excellent uptime and service on our hosted webs and so far no hiccups using them to host our video podcast.

    We have a link to them on our inetsynch.com site but there are more and more standard hosting services offering similar options. If this trend continues the days for specialized podcast hosting services may be limited.

    Keep up the great work!

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