#192 Power of Podfeet, Delicious Library, Amod, HudahGeo, Honda Bob turns 100, Knightwise

Power of the Podfeet takes Ron’s photo over 7000, Chuck’s terminal command for ISO burning, Will’s Garageband ’09 scripts available at iwillsite.110mb.com. In Dumb Question Corner Michael asks why his non-admin account won’t run software update, and George from Tulsa does another tip – this time on a better way to import photos into iPhoto […]

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#191 Nosillacast listeners rock, Mac20Q, Knightwise, French Maids, Blackberry Bold, Snowflake, Post Box

Will’s most excellent AppleScript, George from Tulsa sends me a banner. Allison interviewed on mac20q.com and knightwise.com. Go look at a picture of Allison with the French Maids at flickr.com/photos/rwburch. In Dumb Question Corner David asks about iDisk syncing but I suggest Dropbox from getdropbox.com. Update on the Blackberry Bold review, Will reviews the Snowflake […]

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#190 Acadec, noob vs newb, Google Quick Search Box, Switchmac, RCDefaultapp, Maperture

International Mac Podcast will be live at B&H in San Francisco on 2/16, Academic Decathalon at usad.org, iPhoto unjustly accused last week, why I’m a newb not a noob at urbandictionary.com. Don’t bother (yet) with the Google Quick Search Box from code.google.com. Rob Hanson tells me about his site switchmac.com that helps switchers from ground […]

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