#247 Pino, Tascam Recorder, SimpleNote, Notational Velocity, Alternative Software

Budsock giveaway rules, Twitter client Pino for Linux from pino-app.appspot.com from Matt, Tascam DR-07 Portable Digital Recorder review from Donald Burr, SimpleNote from simplenoteapp.com added to Notational Velocity from notational.net solve some new problems. Learn about my brilliant solution to cable mess. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart answers a Dumb Question about html5, […]

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#246 Budsock, iFrogz CS40 Headphones, Aperture 3 Debacle, Eye-Fi Share Video, Miro

BudSock from budsock.com to keep your iPhone/iPod headphones from tangling, another Flickr photo set about MacWorld with pictures of more Nosillacastaways. Video interview with Jeff Morgan from iFrogz about the CS40 Headphones followed by a review from Steve. My nightmare trying to install Aperture 3 and a review by Elliott of Elliot Media Group of […]

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#245 Totes Umbrella, NosillaCastaways at Macworld Expo, Tags vs Keywords, Finance Applications

A Testimonial to Totes Umbrellas, and then talk about the fantastic NosillaCastaways party at Macworld Expo – picture available on the Flickr Photo Gallery of the NosillaCastaways party at Macworld 2010. In Chit Chat Across the Pond we go over the 238 Adobe flaws from this week and then we get into some fun talking […]

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