Testing HTML5 Player

Allister Jenks of the Sitting Duck Podcast told me about a new plugin for WordPress that will allow me to have an html5 player instead of quicktime. It’s supposed to work on Android and iPhone, will switch to Flash or Silverlight too if required. The plugin is called MediaElement.js and can be downloaded from wordpress.org.

Here’s a test using this week’s NosillaCast:

5 thoughts on “Testing HTML5 Player

  1. Donald Burr - January 3, 2011

    Sweet!! Gonna try that out on Otaku no Podcast right now!

  2. Ed Tobias - January 3, 2011

    Works great from my ipod touch. It shows an airPlay icon from my touch, and shows that I can send it to my apple TV – didn’t try it yet, but it didn’t see the AirFlick app running on my iMac that the iPod touch videos can see. Pretty cool though – S.J. would be proud.

  3. Jonathan - January 5, 2011

    Works great! Very fast loading and great quality on my iPod touch

  4. Rob Hanson - January 9, 2011

    Works well on the iPad too Allison – quick to begin playing & good sound quality.

  5. Lisa Colvin - January 9, 2011

    Works well on the iPad, I can move off to other things and still listen. Very nice! Thanks!

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