#393 Sydney antics and meetup, Dashboard widgets, travelling iPhones, DropBox for community organisations and podcasting and writing from Australia

This week Allister Jenks from New Zealand stands in for Allison. Allister tells the tale of podfeet encounters in Sydney and talk about travelling with an iPhone 5. Kirschen Seah reviews some OS X Dashboard widgets. Trevor Drover describes how to set up an operate a DropBox account for a community organisation. Bart does Security […]

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#392 Worms Revolution, Java Security, Nuke & Pave Procedure, Palua & The Life of a Slider

This week Bart from the International Mac Podcast stands in for Allison, while next week it will be Allister Jenks. Please remember to send your audio reviews to Allister at [email protected]. BJ reviews Worms Revolution, we talk Java Security and safely nuking and paving in Dumb Question Corner, Ian Douglas reviews Palua, Bart does Security […]

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