#390 iPad Mini Screen Proves 60% Bigger Than Nexus 7, Open Source CoRD Remote Desktop, Color Brick in Aperture, New NosillaCast Flickr Group

Allister and Bart to take over the reigns in two weeks – send them your audio submissions: Bart at [email protected] and Allister at [email protected]. My iPad Mini thoughts including my iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7 Screensize Proof where I prove how a 7.9 inch screen can be 60% bigger than a 7 inch screen. Ian […]

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#388 MacBreak Weekly Appearance, How to Talk to Applecare, Why You Care About 802.11N, NFC Explained, Taking Autumn Photos

I got to be on MacBreak Weekly #320 so I walk through how the process worked to get prepared and be on the show. Knightwise from knightwise.com adds to Bart’s suggestions on how to optimize your RSS reading experience. Todd McCann calls in with a Dumb Question about why we care about faster speeds with […]

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