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Apple Watch Health Tracking

Since I got my first Apple Watch two and a half years ago, one of my primary uses of it has been activity tracking. Those three coloured rings drive me to move during my day for the payoff of seeing them completed before bedtime. I have been managing over 3000 kilojoules a day (about 717 calories) by extending my daily commute and lunchtime walking. Part of the process is seeing the various reminders during the day – time to stand, and the occasional encouragement to get active. Plus the frequent notifications that friends have completed workouts. I’m looking at you, Allison.

Early in December I turned off all activity related notifications and removed the activity ring complication from my watch face. I did not want constant reminders that I could NOT meet my goals.

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CES 2018: We.Stream Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Allison interviews Joachim de Wild from We.Stream about their new mobile hotspot device and service. We.Stream provides secure streaming from a mobile device with embedded cloud SIM technology to enable unlimited data in over 100 countries. The We.Stream service does not require a contract but instead has a fixed yearly price to provide up to 2 GB of high-speed data each month and a capped speed for data usage over 2 GB in a month. Security is provided through a cloud VPN with an option for a direct pier-to-pier VPN tunnel. The setting is the ShowStoppers floor at the Wynn Hotel. Learn more at

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