DTNS 3132 Live – I Make Videos on the Internet

While Tom is away in Europe, Justin Robert Young hosts episode 3132 of the Daily Tech News Show with guests Jeff Cannata, Darren Kitchen, and Allison Sheridan. The group explores how Podcasting has evolved over the past decade and where it’s going. This episode was held live at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown LA.

If you’ve already seen the official DTNS video, jump right to the outtakes for some fun:

Pre-show outtake at 46:08
Particularly funny moment at 49:30

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One Minute Time-Lapse of 2017 Solar Eclipse

I’ve included one last video of the 2017 solar eclipse (can you tell I can’t get enough of this?). This one is just the close up of the eclipse as it passes through totality. I’ve added some music for effect and have not included shots of the landscape and audience. Except for entry into and exit from totality, the video is time-compressed 10 to 1 to keep it one minute in length. A solar filter was removed just before totality began and reattached shortly after totality concluded. The music is “Mystic Spirit” by Digital Juice.

You can find how we recorded the eclipse while still enjoying the experience here: How Do You Capture a Total Eclipse … and Still Experience It?

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diamond ring on total eclipse

Eclipse 2017 from Madras, Oregon – 3 Minute Video

Jean MacDonald, Allison and I had the indescribable pleasure of viewing the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse in central Oregon near Madras. We arrived at 5 am at the one of the Round Butte Park overlooks in Cove Palisades State Park and met several people who joined us at our viewing location. Other than Jean, we didn’t know any of these people before the event but we made friends with all of them while sharing an awe inspiring experience.

You’ll hear us talk on the video about a couple solar flares we thought we saw: one on the right side and the other on the upper right quadrant of the sun’s corona. After the eclipse I checked high resolution NASA eclipse photos and confirmed there were indeed two solar flares just where we thought we saw them. Cool!

To read about how I captured this and enjoyed the experience, read this post: How Do You Capture a Total Eclipse … and Still Experience It?

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Confession From a Former Mouse User

Steve Sheridan here, the man behind the podfeet. I’ve been a die-hard mouse user ever since I started using a Mac in 1984. I’ve upgraded over the years, even using one of those fancy ergonomic mice from Logitech (the Performance Mouse MX) with lots of buttons and features, but to be honest I pretty much just scroll and click with it.

Whenever I’d sit down at Allison’s desk and try to use her Magic Trackpad, I found myself frustrated. I often said disparaging things about her trackpad, usually starting with the words “I hate …” When Allison would come to my desk, she would always complain about my mouse, even if it was me using it at the time. She claimed that it physically hurt her to watch me scroll and scroll to go down a web page.

You might have heard that Allison bought me a new iMac for Father’s Day. Since she was buying, she bought it with the dreaded Magic Trackpad. She figured that I would continue to use my Logitech Performance Mouse and she’d get a spare trackpad out of the deal.

I set up my new iMac on the left side of my desk with the old iMac on the right while I did the transfer of my data. Allison strongly urged me NOT to use Migration Assistant, simply because I haven’t done a clean install in five years. What could possibly go wrong? Keeping both systems up at once meant that I was forced to use the new trackpad on the new Mac until I decommissioned the old one. Continue reading “Confession From a Former Mouse User”

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Dumb Question Corner – What’s the Difference Between an Amp and a Receiver?

Gen 4 Apple TVListener Jill sent in a great dumb question this week, and Allison decided that I was more qualified to answer. Here’s Jill’s question:

What is a “receiver”?

The reason for my question is, Apple told us at WWDC that the 4th gen Apple TV could be used as a destination for Airplay 2 (multi-room audio). But the 4th gen Apple TV has no audio out, so how can that work? I don’t want my TV screen lighting up every time I want to play a podcast! Well, I asked around, and I got told “You need a receiver that offers HDMI connections”. Hence my question. So … what is a “receiver”? Also, supplementary question – why is it called a “receiver”? I have a good old fashioned amp, because I’m nearly as old as you are. I get amps: sound sources go in; you choose one, adjust the volume, job done. You can’t buy them any more – just these receiver things, and since I never got on that train, I haven’t a clue where to start asking about them.

Good question, Jill. You actually pose a couple questions. The first is “What is a receiver and why is it called a receiver?” and the second (implied) question is “How do you play audio from a gen 4 Apple TV?”

Let’s start with what is a receiver and why is it called a receiver. There are several types of receivers but the relevant ones for this discussion are an audio receiver and an A/V (audio/video) receiver.

Continue reading “Dumb Question Corner – What’s the Difference Between an Amp and a Receiver?”

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PowerBeats3 Headphones

PowerBeats3 vs Jabra Sport Headphones Comparison

Hi Allison, this is Steve back with a product review … well actually more of a product comparison. In my endless quest for the perfect sports headphones, I’ll compare the PowerBeats3 Wireless headphones that you recently got me for Father’s Day (thank you very much!) against the previous pair of headphones I used, the older model Jabra Sport Wireless+. As another comparison point, you can check out Allister Jenks’ excellent review of the BeatsX bluetooth headphones back in March.

PowerBeats3 Headphones
PowerBeats3 Wireless Headphones

Both the PowerBeats and Jabra Sport are Bluetooth headphones designed for use on the go or while involved with physical activity. Both headphones are wireless and connect to a Bluetooth enabled device, such as an iPhone. Both have external controls for volume, pause, skip ahead/back and call answering. You may have heard me talk about how almost all regular earbuds do not fit in my ears at all. For example, I haven’t been able to find a pair that will stay in my ears while running. So I depend on headphones that have hooks that attach the earbuds to my ears. Both the PowerBeats and Jabra Sport have these ear hooks to keep the earbuds in place while I’m active.

Bottom line is that I like the new PowerBeats3 headphones but there are still some situations where I prefer the Jabra Sport headphones, so I use both now, but each in different situations.

Now I’ve talked about these headphones’ similarities, so let me talk about where they differ.

Continue reading “PowerBeats3 vs Jabra Sport Headphones Comparison”

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NAB 2017: Yi 4K+ Action Camera

Allison interviews Michael Rubin from Yi Technologies about their new 4K+ Action Camera. The Yi 4K+ records 4K video at 60 fps and can take photos in RAW format, both rare features on an action camera. The 4K+ will support live streaming with an “upcoming” firmware update and it has electronic image stabilization when shooting at 30 fps. The 4K+’s USB Type-C connector supports charging, connectivity to your computer, AV output, and an external mic and the camera comes equipped with a waterproof case. Learn more at https://yitechnology.com/yi-4k-plus-action-camera.

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NAB 2017: Ricoh’s New Generation Theta Camera

Allison interviews Kazunobu Saiki from Ricoh about their new generation Theta spherical camera which is a follow-on to the Theta S. This camera will provide 4K 30fps video with spatial audio to enhance the immersion experience. The new generation Theta will also support 4K live streaming and will come with an Android-based OS. It will support an open API so that developers can provide their own applications to run on the camera. The new gen Theta will be released “later this year.” Learn more at http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/english/products/theta_series/

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NAB 2017: GoPro Karma Drone and Grip

Allison interviews Jake Barz from GoPro about their innovative Karma drone. The Karma is a quadcopter with collapsable propeller arms and landing gear for enhanced portability. It houses a GoPro camera (Hero3 and up) in a front-mounted, 3-axis gimbal with a built-in gimbal dampening system. What makes the Karma unique is how the user can easily dismount the gimbal from the drone and quickly mount it to the GoPro Grip handle for handheld steadicam video. The Karma kit also includes a padded backpack tailored to the Karma, a battery/charger, and a proprietary controller with high res screen for first person viewing during flight. The setting is the NAB Show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Learn more at https://shop.gopro.com/karma

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NAB 2017: B&H Mobile Microphones

Allison interviews Alan Lugo about several of the microphones that B&H offers for mobile applications. Alan covers 1) the Rode small condenser microphone that plugs into the audio jack your mobile phone, 2) the Audio-Technica low cost lavaliere microphone, 3) the Zoom iQ7 high quality stereo microphone that plugs into the Lightning port of your iPhone, and 4) the Sennheiser Action Mic designed to plug into a GoPro Hero4 camera for improved audio capture. The setting is the NAB Show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Learn more at https://bhphotovideo.com

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