Ten B.fter paint containers with the following color/scent combinations: Red/Cherry, Orange/Orange, Yellow/Lemon, Green/Mint, Blue/Aqua, Prussian Blue/Earl Gray, Violet/Lavender, Brown/Wood, White/Cotton, and Black/Vanilla.

CSUN 2024: B.fter Aroma Art for Visually Impaired People

Allison interviews Angela Maeng from Another Day about their B.fter Aroma Art designed specifically for visually impaired people.

B.fter is a paint kit designed to help the user distinguish colors by having a unique nature-oriented scent assigned to each color. Examples of the many scent/color combinations include lemon for yellow, cherry for red, and lavender for violet.

The kit includes a special container for each color that has a reservoir for the fragrance oil associated with the color. The containers allow users to mix scents for unique scent/color combinations.

The scents associated with the various colors on the finished painting remain even after the paint has dried.

You can learn more about B.fter Aroma Art at anotherdayart.com and you can buy B.fter on Amazon. (You may need to click on “See All Buying Options” to add it to your cart.)

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