Request for Your Input to Commemorate Allison’s 1000th NosillaCast Episode

Hello NosillaCastaways, Allison is coming up on her 1000th NosillaCast episode in July this year! She began this journey over 19 years ago when she first picked up a microphone and decided to start recording. Since then, she has produced a NosillaCast podcast episode every week without missing a beat. To commemorate this milestone, I’m […]

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Front view of 6 YubiKeys ranging from the largest (about the size of a thumb drive) to the smallest (about the size of a micro-SD card). They have various form factors including USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning connectors.

2024 CES: YubiKey Online Hardware Security Keys

Allison interviews Karin Muskopf from YubiCo about their range of hardware authentication solutions for online security. Yubico offers many secure key formats more secure than SMS messaging or an authenticator app for second or multi-factor authentication. YubiKeys provide strong authentication with support for multiple protocols, including existing Smart Card/PIV, and FIDO2/WebAuthn, the new standard that […]

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